My entry for our One-a-Week Photo Challenge

Golden Rock, Nevis, Caribbean

We were told that this was the best place to eat on Nevis – what a place.

Gorgeous gardens

fabulous cocktails


sumptuous burger with obligatory Rum Punch for my friend L

and a Conch Chowder for me, (with pink and orange napkins) Yumsk!

Then masses of arty stuff, which was right up my street

side tables made of plastic rubbish set in a solid foam  – now … could I do this with some of my beach finds I wonder???? Hmmmm … must find out more.

I want that green chair!

I want to make that lampshadeHad to go for a sit down – I was getting over excited!

An Antillean Bullfinch came to see if we had any crumbs to spare.

So romantic …….


27 responses to “Arch

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  2. Fantastic photo essay . I must have been hiking when this was posted Sandra

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  3. Interesting choice.

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  5. Those reused workmanship things are astounding such inspiration!…

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  6. it looks so gorgeous there, Daffy! 🙂

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  7. Those recycled art things are amazing- such inspiration!

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  8. Looks like a lovely holiday!

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  9. In the midst of that riot of color, those arches seem so cool and ancient. Great contrast there.

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  10. Wow, love all the splendid colour!

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  11. What an interesting place. No wonder you had fun. The drinks look yummy too. I would never think to combine many of those ingredients.

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  12. Love your arch! Seems like the wild was returning!

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  13. Oh, I love a Dark and Stormy! My neighbours used to bring back Black Seal rum and it was such a treat to sit in their conservatory surrounded by all her tropical plants from Bermuda. Fabulous colours on your holiday ~ you must have a sketch book and then some of inspiration!

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  14. YOUR colours everywhere! xxxx

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  15. Laurie Graves

    Wowsah! What color!

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