Monday Vase: Amaryllis and Hellebore

Joining in with Cathy’s meme In a Vase on Monday, over at Rambling in the Garden


Cee’s Flower of the Day


I’ll be going to Chelsea Flower Show with my sister again this year, I was just looking at their website to see information about this year’s gardens and – there we are! On the 2017 RHS Chelsea website!


and here


We were on the ‘Chive’ stand, I do like their vases. I have a couple of square ones which have featured in IAVOM before, here and here in July 2016and a Giraffe vase, yet to make it’s debut.

We were chosen for the photograph because of our colourful attire – see, we fit right in –  and because we looked like we were having fun – we were!

We were told by the photographer that we might be in this year’s catalogue, but I never thought we would end up on the website – twice!


We’re thinking of wearing the same things this year.


36 responses to “Monday Vase: Amaryllis and Hellebore

  1. You’ve captured them perfectly.

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  3. Hee hee — fame at last!

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  4. Lovely, fresh collection this week, and a bit different to use the tone-on-tone. Quite stunning!
    Congratulations on your prestigious photo debut ~ know you’ll have great fun at this year’s event!

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  5. Gorgeous!!! 😀

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  6. Lovely monochromatic in white/green for today’s IAVOM.
    How fun that you two are famous! 😉 It’s a nice photo.

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    • I really do love whites and greens together in all sorts of places – I even had a very pale green lining under a voile skirt as my wedding dress all those years ago (eeek! 1972!)
      The photo certainly added to the magic of the day at Chelsea.

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  7. You’re Famous!!!!!

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  8. I would never have thought of combining those two flowers, yet they look so graceful together.

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    • Me neither! The Amaryllis toppled over so I had to cut the stem, and the Hellebores were ones I had cut back in the garden – there they were lying on the kitchen work-top together – serendipity. So glad you like the combination.


  9. Murtagh's Meadow

    What delicate greens and whites- lovely!

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  10. Your amaryllis and hellebore are beautiful – the blend of green and white in the different elements works so well. Well done and thanks for sharing. I remember you talking about the Chive website which I looked at and there was almost too much choice of lovely vases – but I am going to Chatsworth this year so perhaps they will be there too and I can make up my mind easier by handling the vases! How exciting (?) to be very publically photographed like that – but it was agreat shot and great publicity for Chive. Did you know Christina and I are meeting up on the Monday of Chelsea week? Are you just coming down for the Tuesday?

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  11. I love your little vase. How marvellous to have been photoed. I think it calls for brand new colourful clothes.

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  12. What fun. I’m going on Tuesday, when are you going? Maybe we could meet?

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  13. What fun to be chosen to be on the website. You ladies look like you are having a blast and are color coordinated. Your vase is gorgeous this week. The muted colors go so well together. You have that color coordination going again.

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    • I’m all for a bit of colour co-ordination – playing with colour, shape and texture is what this Wild Daffodil likes to do best!
      We had a brilliant day – I wonder what this year holds in store.


  14. The flower photos are stunning–I LOVE that color green! And it such fun that your photos were featured–you do look like you were having a great time!

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  15. Beautiful flower display and what fun to be on the Chelsea Flower Show website!

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  16. Really? Wow! Mind you, the colours you are both wearing are a photographer’s dream because look how well you match the display! What an honour.

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    • Yes Deb, we were chosen because of what we were wearing. It was fun – my sister used to be in advertising so she knew the score. We had a lovely chat with the photographer afterwards. I can’t wait to see if we are in the catalogue as well!


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