Paint Party Friday: Birds and other animals

I am extremely proud to present my sister Caroline’s paintings.

She sent me an entry for into our One-A-Week Photo Challenge, this week’s prompt is BIRD, and I knew she had been painting so asked her to send me some pics of her paintings too – Wow! So glad I did

I’m wondering if this magnificent chap will appear in a painting before too long. Caroline tells me she photographed him atย Come to Good Farm in Cornwall.

I’m lucky enough to have two sisters, and now they have both appeared on my blog this week: Sue who I am going to Chelsea Flower Show with and Caroline. We are all quite creative, I think we get it from our Mum.

Caroline is on Instagram @clthistlethwaiteart, where you can keep up to date with her latest works, which include silver jewellery as well! She has only just started sharing her work in this way and I know it would give her a tremendous boost you to take a look and leave a message.

She also sells greetings cards and some prints.

I’m joining this post in with Paint Party Friday.


40 responses to “Paint Party Friday: Birds and other animals

  1. Proud indeed. These are magnificent

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  2. Wonderful paintings! They really capture the essence of each bird. Lovely!

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  3. Thank you all sooooooo much for your lovely, encouraging comments which are much appreciated. I’m really encouraged and thank you for taking the time to comment it helps so much ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. You are all so very talented, Daffy. Love those paintings ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Her work is beautiful indeed. I’ve just returned to IG myself so will pop over and give her a much deserved follow.

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  6. What a talented and creative family! What was your Mum’s speciality?

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    • She was a great knitter and also did crochet. She dabbled in oil painting and latterly took up silver-smithing. I take after her in that I like to try everything to see how it’s done. When we were little her creativity went into Fancy Dress costumes. We often won prizes at the local carnival and at Christmas parties. Unfortunately academia was thought more important in our family so creativity was given little credit. I’m hoping to redress the balance by supporting my grandchildren in all their various creative pursuits.


  7. She is a skilled artist Sandra, fantastic paintings.

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  8. LOL, I’ve had plans for a while now to “advertise” my sister’s new nature photography blog, too. Great minds think alike! Lovely paintings. I’m not on Instagram, but I’d love to see some of her silver jewellery, too.

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  9. Beautifully detailed work from your sister! I’m not an IG person either, so please relay my appreciation to her. Thank you!

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  10. These are all lovely! I am so impressed by your family’s gifted eyes and hands!

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  11. Love the puffin. Your sister is quite an artist!

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  12. Beautiful paintings. My sort of art. You are clearly a very talented family.

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  13. I’m not on Instagram either so maybe you could tell her that these are great! I like the first one (hawk?) and, of course, the puffins!

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  14. Those are lovely. I especially like the owl. I don’t do instagram so please pass on my appreciation.

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  15. Love those puffins!

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  16. What beautiful bird paintings! I love them.

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  17. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow, what a talented family you all are!

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