Painted leaves

The beautifully painted leaves on The Green Dragonfly today prompted me to find the photos of the leaf doodling I did on Nevis.DSC_1602

I never did discover the name of the plant this leaf came from, it grew near the sea.


Each morning I would create little arrangements on the table on the verandaDSC_1422

I can’t stop arranging things – even the loose tiles in the swimming pool could not escape


…….. a coral collection




some of which I doodled on wondering if they would combine with a seahorse to make little hanging decorations


What do you think?




24 responses to “Painted leaves

  1. I too am a doodler and collector and arranger…it must be a syndrome…we’re always being told things are syndromes today…. could be worse…


  2. Some amazing creativity here Sandra


  3. The sea horse with the pretty coloured shell is lovely Daffy! It definitely works 🙂

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  4. Ever so clever to draw on those leaves.

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  5. I love your crocheted seahorses! 🙂 🙂

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  6. You certainly have a talent for ‘arranging’ things! You crocheted seahorses are lovely 😊

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  7. I love the seahorse and shell, please do some more doodling! 😊

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  8. Laurie Graves

    I love your arrangements! You have a flair.

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  9. I think I need to go on a holiday aimed at being creative rather than seeing stuff. I love the way that you made beauty from the object around you. Oh and, by the way, are you still after some computer bits?

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    • It is how I do holidays nowadays, glad you enjoyed seeing these random pieces of creativity.
      The computer project is on hold for now, so i don’t need any bits at the moment – I spent a happy day with Miss E taking two computers apart – the pieces are still all over my sitting room floor! I have had to shelve the project, as life has other plans for my time at the moment. Thank you for asking though. I must go and clear a path across that floor.

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  10. By any chance are you a fan of Salvador Dali? I like that you made a new arrangement every morning. Big fan of those seahorses!

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  11. I think you are amazingly talented.

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  12. What an interesting approach you take to collections of stuff! I love the arrangements, in general, and think the idea of doodling on shells and leaves is just plain fun, and really attractive!

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  13. Simply beautiful leaves and a great idea. I love those crochet sea horses!

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