More photos of Weymouth Harbour


I have been told that about 50% of leisure boats never leave their moorings, although i can’t find any statistics to back this up.

Joining in with our One-a-Week Photo Challenge.

Short post again this week – life is still rather full-on!

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Happy Snapping!



17 responses to “Stationary

  1. I can well believe that comment, having lived in one of the marinas here in Gibraltar for a couple of years, I remember overhearing that the two happiest days in a boatowners life are the the day they buy it and the day they sell it. I have a feeling the person saying it had a stationary one himself!

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  3. Great images and so true Sandra, here its more like 60%, there are various suggestions such as tax evasion, criminal funds in hiding and male ego blasts and also a few genuine sailors

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  4. Not surprising. Probably half the owners are putting in overtime to pay for the boat. 😀

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  5. Love the link of blue in the boats to the sky and sea

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  6. Oh I love Weymouth Daffy. Both my parents were born there, and my dad often would take us out for an early morning walk around the harbour as a child.
    I haven’t managed to go back there since my Dad’s funeral though as it was too painful. Lovely to see your photos thoughxx

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    • If you ever need a friend to wander round the harbour with you, let me know. ❤
      There is always such a friendly community atmosphere around the harbour – my favourite bit of Weymouth.


  7. Although I love being out at sea, I guess the next best thing is sitting on a boat tied up to the mooring for some. Lovely pictures.

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  8. Ah lovely Weymouth! Super pictures. Hugsxx

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