More Pineapples


Yesterday, I mowed the lawn, I sorted out the compost, I did a little weeding and when the rain came and I could have been catching up with the many and various household tasks that have been neglected for far too long ……. I made pineapples …….. hey ho!

8 responses to “More Pineapples

  1. HA! Well I think you made the right decision, There were pineapples to be made!!! 🙂

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  2. I do not particularly care for pineapples…unless they’re crocheted. These are awesome!

    I’ve heard of pineapple doilies, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen crocheted 3D pineapples. They look small enough to hide like Easter eggs. Heck, you could even send a miniature pineapple to a friend just for kicks. (True story, I once made a birthday card for a friend that said I would “…knit [her] a little something” on the outside, and then inside I taped a miniature sock I had knit out of some leftover sock yarn. She loved it. We come from a somewhat silly circle of friends.)

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  3. Laurie Graves

    Hey, ho! How cute those pineapples are. No wonder the household chores could wait.

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  4. They are adorable, and they make me happy! Now I want pineapple for lunch!

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  5. They are so cute and I too have been neglecting the housework lately 😦

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  6. The world clearly needs more pineapples, love them, and much more important than household tasks.

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