Meet Teddy.

Teddy was given to Miss E as a baby and has hardly left her side since.

This photo was taken back in 2009 october09 071

Teddy has become one of the family. You can see that she has aged a bit since the 2009 photo was taken and eventually, her red gingham dress was beyond repair. I knitted her a new dress, which I made up as I went along and now looks like this


I had no idea Miss E had lovingly saved this relic.

Since then I have made a few garments for Teddy’s wardrobe.

Including this jacket from the book ‘Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies’ by Annette HeffordDSC_0201

which in turn inspired me to experiment with the pattern and scale it up for babies and toddlers (with permission from the publishers).

faeryknits 043

You can find the pattern here in my Etsy Shop, or here on Ravelry


One day about 4 years ago Teddy was LOST – Miss E was distraught, the whole family were traumatised, she was lost for over 24 hours, it was awful – we searched high and low thinking of anywhere and everywhere Teddy could have gone – what on earth were we going to do. …

At last Teddy was found amongst other toys, her colours so muted that we had not seen her, even though we had looked there before.

I decided that Teddy should have some bight clothes so that she would never be hidden from us like that again. I knitted these


But Teddy continues to favour more muted colours and only wears these dresses during the Strictly Come Dancing season. Thankfully she has never gone missing again.

Here she is with her friends and her collection of clothes minus a pale yellow cullotte outfit that is in the wash……. we hope….. we couldn’t find it ……. it might be ….




Do you have any photos that fit the ‘lost’ theme?

We’d love to see them, just leave a link in the Comments, to join our Photo Challenge.


38 responses to “Lost

  1. What a lovely story – and dashing clothes!

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  2. I love that you Teddy has her own Strictly wardrobe!!! I know the stress of a lost special toy. We lost Littlest’s Giraffe while on holiday. I think I was the most upset. We distracted him for 24 hours so he didn’t realise the disaster. Then someone kicked the air bed Littlest had been sleeping on and there was Giraffe, he had slept on him rather than cuddling him – phew what a relief!

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  5. I loved this story for so mmany reasons; the fact that Teddy is still so loved and cherished, but more so that Miss E has such a clever and caring Granny who has knitted such beautiful outfits. I can certainly vouch for the faerie jacket pattern you created for babies and toddlers! In fact, I will write a post about it! xx

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  6. Fabulous new dresses! So great to see a well loved toy still being loved!

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  7. Loved reading this post and all the comments, Sandra – they ring true for nearly every one of us, I expect

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  8. I’m glad there was a happy ending and Teddy was found again!

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  9. How wonderful! My eldest has a very similar teddy which got properly lost a few times when he was younger… thankfully it was found each time (once it spent a whole night in our local library all alone!) My son is now 15 so it no longer gets moved or taken out so it’s safe!! 🙂 🙂

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  10. What a great interpretation of today’s theme! Such a sweet story–and I’m glad it had a happy ending.

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  11. Murtagh's Meadow

    That is one loved Teddy. My daughter (6) has a teddy just like that – well it’s called “Hare Hare” because we think it is a hare. Like Teddy, Hare Hare is one of the family now. We too would be traumatised if he got lost. He has sometimes “gone hiding” but we usually find him by bedtime! I have had to give him new feet – and a new nose and ears are on order!

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  12. Here is my entry -https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/one-a-week-photo-challenge-lost/
    At least teddy himself appears to be all in one piece for now. I bought my daughter a teddy that was as big as she was when she was about two but now poor teddy is falling apart. 😦 Still much loved! (daughter 40+)

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    • Teddy has spent time in Granny’s Hospital several times, being darned and patched. One time I was watched like a hawk by Miss E, who winced with every stitch, I had an inkling what it must be like for a doctor stitching a cut on a child. Lovely to hear that you daughter’s teddy is still with us – just! ❤

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  13. Lovely story, a much loved teddy who must be very proud to wear your beautiful knitwear. 😊 I like the rainbow stripes one with the little bobble fastener.

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    • The rainbow stripes was knitted with Colinette wool, now, sadly, discontinued. It is a cute pattern though – and can be found in the book I have mentioned. The ‘bobble’ is a little knitted button – they work well if you want a perfect match for a project.

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  14. That trauma, we had it several times with “silkie.” Girl#2 could not sleep without her teal square of fabric, and around age 3 she wasn’t nearly as dependent upon it, so would leave it unattended….until nap or bed time. Oh. My. Goodness! Once she left it outside, then we had a snow storm…a very bad week! I love Ms. teddy and her lovely wardrobe; so glad she is FOUND!

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    • Thank you for sharing your ‘Silkie’ story – I suspect many families have similar tales to tell. My mother threw away my ‘Bimbo’ (green knitted teddy-like creature) because he was “dirty and too broken to repair” – I must have been about 6 – I’ll never forgive her!!!! 😉

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  15. Laurie Graves

    Oh, so sweet! What a great story.

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  16. Oh bless Teddy, never to be lost again I hope. Lovely story, and I prefer her muted wardrobe too. But I like that she has glad rags for high days and holidays.

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