Nothing between me and the Sea #2

Nothing bmtsea

Joining in with Scrap Happy June, hosted by Kate at Tall Tales From Chiconia

Still a work in progress: more beads have been added and some shells were first glued with PVA and then sewn on.

I’ve placed the seahorse there for the photo – I think that is where it will go, but it is not sewn on yet. I am so enjoying having the time to immerse myself in stitching. I drift off into another dimension and an hour or more goes by without me noticing – bliss.

This will be my second “Nothing between me and the Sea” piece.

You can read about the first one here.dsc_0079-1

The pattern for the crocheted seahorse can be found here.

Happy Scrapping!

29 responses to “Nothing between me and the Sea #2

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  2. I really love this! 🙂 🙂 Great work!

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  3. This is so beautiful- I’m particularly drawn to the lovely seahorse too😊

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  4. Lovely work Sandra. We have these little ones, especially Sea dragons around our local coast near piers and artificial reefs.

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  5. I love your boro inspired kantha stitched pieced. perfect! These kind of patchy style pieces are my favourite to sit and stitch away quietly at. My scraphappy this month is similar but not as detailed as yours.

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    • Thank you NettyG. Now I know about Kantha, I’m going to be finding all sorts of new inspiration for the next pieces. They are so relaxing to work aren’t they. Thank you for your comment and a warm welcome as a Wild Daff follower. ❤
      I'm popping over now to see your ScrapHappy


  6. Oh my! Gorgeous! I love the free style 🙂

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  7. That sea horse is a splendid addition, making the piece even lovelier.

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  8. It’s lovely!

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  9. It’s coming on nicely and the best bit is how you are enjoying making it.

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    • Thank you Rainbow J, I’m loving getting back to stitching. I knit and crochet whilst doing other things like watching TV, babysitting or waiting for appointments. I do stitching when I know I have the time to really dive in.

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  10. This is gorgeous – I love the stitched ammonite in the centre (at least I think it’s an ammonite :/). I might have to have a go at that little crocheted seahorse now that I’m ‘doing’ crochet.

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    • Thank you T. Yes it is a reference to an ammonite – I live near the Jurassic Coast, so ammonites abound in the area. I also have a fascination with spirals of all sorts. Let me know how you get on with the seahorse if you have a go – any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. ❤

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  12. Lovely! A sort of under-water boro/kantha textile, really pretty!

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