Happy Vase


Erigeron or Fleabane, neither are names pretty enough to describe this little gem of a daisy that grows on my patio, interwoven with what I think is a type of campanula. Both seed themselves liberally and I love them together.DSC_0220

The vase is a pot I bought in Florence, Italy in 1987 when I went there with my Dad. We had a wonderful time together, I have such happy memories of that long weekend .

It was Father’s Day here in the UK yesterday and he has been much in my thoughts. He died in 1998 and would have been 96 this year. He worked hard and played hard, loved a party, had a huge sense of fun and was never happier than when playing with his Grandchildren.


Teamed here with another of the textile pieces I’m working onDSC_0226

Title: “You are my happy”


I have to have several on the go at the same time. I seem to need to be able to have a rest from each colour combination in order to see each piece of work afresh.

Joining Cathy and ‘In a Vase on Monday’.


Cee’s Flower of the Day.

37 responses to “Happy Vase

  1. Our Vase on Monday is like a collage…bringing together memories, and time spent choosing plants, happy coincidences growing together often beg to be put in the same vase. Then taking a picture and sharing thoughts, is like making your piece of embroidery…time to reflect and take stock, all important components of making sense of life. Thanks

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    • Oh what a beautiful description of how we all get together on a Monday and weave our tales together Noelle. I have read your comment several times and it makes me so happy, our gentle occupations shared bringing each of us such joy. ❀


  2. Lovely post! Sharing the memories of your dad and the beautiful flowers in the vase you got is just special. Thanks!


  3. Your textile art flows out of the flowers, well done Sandra.

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  4. Delightful! Self-seeders are a godsend and these go so well together. Nature is so clever sometimes! πŸ™‚

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  5. A happy combination and a lovely memory. I’m encouraging these lovely daisies round the front of our house to cover up a mess of stones.

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    I just love all those colours, so cheerful

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  7. Your Erigeron is commonly known as Santa Barbara daisy here. It’s all over my garden and I couldn’t get rid of it if I tried, so it’s a good thing I like it. I also have a couple of patches in which it mingles with what may be the very same Campanula. It’s wonderful that you have a remembrance of time spent with your father too.

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  8. So nice and summery. πŸ˜€

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  9. I love how the flower look together too Daffy, they look beautiful in that vase too.
    Seems like your textile work is really taking off πŸ™‚

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  10. Lovely memories of your Dad. I love those flowers for this weeks vase. I need some ! Looks lovely with your textile art, you are on fire lady. Be Happy as they say in Greece!

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  11. Yes, what a great combination – and how appropriate to use that vase now. People talk about how much their erigeron spreads but mine is taking several years to establish!

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  12. Lovely flowers and an equally lovely remembrance of your father. My own father died many, many years ago, and how I miss him!

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  13. A cheery vase indeed. Lovely textile piece.

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  14. beautiful flowers they are!

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  15. Such a sweet combination.

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  16. A delightful combination of delicate flowers – I can see why you are charmed by them. Even better that they take care of themselves. Fond remembrances of your father and your collage is a tangible piece of love. πŸ™‚

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  17. Gosh you must have lots of fabric pieces. Another lovely creation. Those blue flowers look like the ones that grow round my drive and spread profusely.

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  18. What beautiful flowers and how nice that they help you remember your Dad. X

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