remembered childhood

when the flames of friendship grow

embers never dim


Combining our One-a-Week Photo Challenge and Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge: prompt words – EMBER and FLAME

This photo was taken on a very special New Year’s Day on Mwnt beach with my cousin.


You can see more about the event in this post: Mwnt beach on New Year’s Day

Gosh the weather was fierce that day – the wind blowing up spray from the breaking waves.

My cousin and I met as small children, but not since, and now over 50 years later we have discovered a very special friendship. I do love the way life goes round full circle.

More Wave – related goodies:

Have you heard of the book  The Wavewatchers Companion by Gavin Pretor-Pinney

I hadn’t either until listening to the Museum of Curiosity which is my absolute favourite Radio 4 progamme.

Then there are the wonderfully relaxing waves of crochet in

Attic24’s Neat Wave Pattern, Crochet Wavelength Stitch

and this ripple pattern which has featured in quite a few of my cushions and throws



Please leave link to your WAVES in the comments and I will include it in our monthly round up.

Some old photos of my children waving …….Bye for now



Later addition – after Alastair’s comment (below) I had to go on an explore and just look what I found


Spectral Waves

How cool is that!


26 responses to “Wave

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  3. Love all the wave connections – and the full circle with your cousin of course

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  4. What a wonderful story of you and your cousin Daffy, I loved the photos of the sea too.
    You are so clever with your crocheting and that wavy pattern is so pretty. 🙂

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  5. You have combined the 2 challenges in a creative and very engaging post. This is superb Haibun Sandra.

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Very cool waves indeed

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  8. Poignant haiku. Waves are our rhythm of life. I can almost smell the salty sea air! Love that mandala sand circle art .~cheers

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  9. You have cornered the market on waves this week! I was hoping to see a rodeo queen this week, but didn’t, so I’m out for today.😊 I love the ocean photo, a great capture!

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  10. So much waving! I love the picture of the little girl, bottom left waving, such a cute image.

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  11. Great haiku! Waves are something I deal with on an almost daily basis in my work with sound. Being a visual artist primarily, I use both the wave form and the spectral display when editing and have become familiar with how the wave form translates to the more visual patterns of the spectral display. This also means that I can “see” the sounds I am unable to hear because of their high frequency – higher than my hearing will now allow.

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    • Wow! Sound waves and ‘spectral display’ another way to think of waves – thanks SO much. I love the idea of the ‘seeing of sound’ you talk of. I had to look up ‘spectral display’ – a new one to me. Thank you – fascinating.

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  12. Lovely! So many meanings to one simple word.

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