Geocache in Dorset, UK

This photo is of the first (and only) Geocache we found. I find the idea of Geocaching exciting and so do the grandchildren. I need an iPhone to do it – but – I am taking a veeeerrrrrryyyyyy long time to get one – so many decisions to make. I’m not good at decisions.

However I’m glad to have at least one find to fulfil this week’s Photo Challenge  on Lewesdon Hill in Dorset, with the help of my daughter’s phone. We left a Love Rock in it and added our names and date we found it.



My whole house is my studio

Every room a cache

The dining room – full of beach clean finds

The bedroom – yarny stash


My kitchen has experiments

From mould growth to tea bags drying

The spare room houses WIPs and HOTHs

And other things I trying


Obsessions and excitement

Fills every single day

The internet is full of stuff

With which I want to play


Try out this, try out that

and sometimes get things done

But mostly I’m deep in happy-land

Being messy – having fun

The inspiration for this little ditty came when my friend sent me a poem by Dr John Cooper Clarke (see below) as she said it reminded her of me, it prompted me to write the one above


Out of bed into the Shed
To paint the wooden roses red
To ride a rocking quadruped
With a big idea in your head

Form and function in a line
The rudiments of good design
From the oaken leg to the fine wine
To table tops of melamine

There’s nothing that you couldn’t make
No effect you couldn’t fake
A pebble sprayed with metal flake
Would make a precious paperweight

Teddy bears to stuff with stuff
Like nylon mink from a lady’s muff
Cotton balls and a powder puff
Pom poms and pocket fluff

Stainless steel and a rock hard aura
The marble glance of a lost explorer
A heavy heart for the love of Nora
Chains of flowers on a draped amphora

Time time time to slay
Each crowded hour of every day
Where indolence is kept at bay
In an arty-crafy kinda way

poem by Dr. John Cooper Clarke



My entry is a little late this week – trouble with internet connection – soooo frustrating!

Joining in with the Daily Post: HIDDEN

Feel free to join in with the Photo Challenge Cathy and I have put together, by leaving a link in the Comments – we’d love to see your Cache’s.


21 responses to “Cache

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  2. You have to log in to find out what a geocache is, so I still don’t know.

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    • People hide little boxes of goodies in places accessible to the public and register the ‘Cache’ on the Geocache website. Other Geocahers can go and find the cache, write on the log ivnside and take a goody and replace it with something else for the next person to find. Like a treasure hunt all over the world. It’s fun! We found another one yesterday, the children were very excited!


  3. I love the poems Daffy. I think we all benefit from your creativity!! 🙂

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  4. I almost did a geo cache, but didn’t have time to make the run into the hills. Fun times with kids, and I enjoyed the poetry!

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  5. Both poems are lovely. I assume geocache is like a hidden treasure or finding things made from the earth that can be used for crafts? I’m just guessing based on the breakup of the word. Ha, ha!

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    • I’m a Geocache newbie, but it seems people hide things in a plastic or tin container somewhere interesting and usually in a beautiful or interesting place; put the geographical coordinates on the Geocache website and then wait to see who finds it and what they say about the find. A fun focus for a walk.


  6. My daughter and family used to go geocaching (maybe they still do) and took me along once or twice. Not that I have any photos!!
    I wondered why you seemed quiet. Now I know.

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Great poems – can relate to both. You can see my vegetable caches at

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  9. Nice picture but what is a geo cache?

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  10. I will have these poems in my head often. Every time I see one of my projects. I always have a project going. You made my day…

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  11. Laurie Graves

    Whee-Haw! What fun!

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