W.i.p Wednesday

Spiro star centre to Mandala Madness

Round 66 is taking forever! It’ll be worth it though.


Joining in with the Daily Post : TEXTURES


34 responses to “W.i.p Wednesday

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  2. Beautiful mandala.

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  3. It’s looking fabulous! I love the colours and patterns you are creating

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  4. Such vibrant colors 🙂 Love it.

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow


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  6. I would never have that much patience. Stunningly beautiful.

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  7. Oh, this is looking so beautiful, Daffy. I love the colours and the different designs, can’t wait to see the end result! 🙂

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  8. This is exactly what you needed as an antidote for those knightly grays! It is quite stunning, WOW!

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  9. Laurie Graves


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  10. This is so intricate no wonder it is taking long. I love the colors.

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  11. Wow! So much work. Lovely choice of colours. What is it going to be for?

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  12. Looking fantastic. Such pretty colours.

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  13. This is stunning and the colours are amazing. Keep going with round 66, you’re right, it will totally be worth it, gorgeous.

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  14. That is mouthwatering! You are making me wish I could crochet.
    You threw me for a moment, my eyes are bad this morning and I thought you said “Route 66” which is on my mind at the moment, having included it in my own blog, yesterday! Then I regained my focus! {giggles}

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  15. That’s so beautiful! 🙂

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