Yarn on the Hook

Spiro Mandala MadnessThis is where I am with the Spiro Mandala. I’ve just come to the end of the first ball of Moonstone, which I only mention as a reminder to myself, when I’m trying to calculate how much more yarn I might need in each colour.

Using Scheepjes Stonewashed in 4ply.

Colours used so far:

Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Pink Quartzite, New Jade, Larimar, Amazonite,


Many thanks to Helen Shrimpton for the patterns and for giving her permission for me to share my amalgamation with you.

here is my Photo Tutorial.


My computer finally had to go to the hospital 😳 I do hope it’s going to be ok.

The photo was taken with the iPad and the colours have come out a little harsher than in reality.

doing my best on the iPad for a while.


What have you got on the go at the mo?

pop across to Nanacathy for a good old natter about all things yarny.


15 responses to “Yarn on the Hook

  1. How long does it take you to create one of these, Sandra?

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    • Crumbs, that is really difficult to judge Cathy. Each throw/ bedspread/blanket usually takes me on average, a year to cmplete, but I’m always doing several at once. THey are hours of crochet time, but I’m often doing them whilst doing something else, like sitting with my Mum or taking the grandchildren to the park, on a train or waiting for an appointment. I don’t suppose that is a very helpful answer!


  2. Knitting yet another dishcloth….this one is a multicolored one in Jingle. I’m getting pretty fast with these now. Dreaming about what I will start once my “must do” list is complete.😊

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  3. Very good being able to work from your iPad. Fingers crossed your guy can sort out the computer. Textured crochet isn’t normally my sort of thing but the star is so pretty I might be tempted to try using it for a cushion. After I finish all the other things I should be getting on with!

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  4. Sticking plasters for the computer- you need a repair cafe close by. I love the pastel colours you are now using. . Have a fabulous weekend , sounds like yours is going to be such fun.

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  5. Loving the names for the yarn. Honestly, I think those would persuade my purchase just so I could say I’m working in Rose Quartz and Moonstone today.
    It’s the little things…
    Hope the computer is feeling better soon!

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