Fairy Festival

Last weekend I was to be found at the New Forest Fairy Festival  with number one son, his two boys and daughter A and her 3. The weather was glorious ……

there were Green Men


stilt walkers


lots of fairies, obviously ….


inflatable unicorns




and other beings


live bandsDSC_0346

disgusting blue ice creamDSC_0358

and circus skills to try


a Fire Engine that the children could sit in with its very own Fairy


a man on a bicycle with a bubble machine at the back

dire warnings


and wonderful flags – (I want need one of these flags)DSC_0302

it was fun

a very Silly Saturday (and Sunday)


I’m so excited about this coming Silly Saturday …….. yes, that’s tomorrow! ……. there is a surprise in store …..



34 responses to “Fairy Festival

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  2. That had to be huge fun! Thanks for sharing all the photos. Hugs on the wing!

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  3. Some brilliant outfits there – the Green Man is particularly amazing! A Fairy Festival? Who knew such a thing even existed?!

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  4. Those were fascinating and I got to see without getting hot. Thanks for the pictures of your stroll.

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Looks like lots of fun!

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  6. Such fun! So was the blue ice cream really that bad?

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  7. I want to go! Looks like so much fun. Looking forward to reading about Silly Saturday. Sure could use some silly fun right now.

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  8. Looks like the grands had tons of fun and you might have got exhausted? What a fun outing to have with them, with such sunshine!

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  9. Looks like a good day out… with decent weather too… but that ice cream really does look foul to me! I really rather like the green man – in fact he looks a bit like he’s been crossed with a yeti.

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  10. Looks fun didn’t know about it but I am sure I took the children to Burley on the bus but now there doesn’t seem to be one except the Tour bus – the way of the world I suppose.

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  11. That looks amazing! I wonder if there’s anything like that up in Scotland

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  12. what a magical day out!

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  13. I love these pictures, Daffy. It looks like a fantastic event. Looking forward to tomorrow! 🙂

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  14. NO that’s not on, you would have been the fairy grandmother.

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  15. Super day out, but I needed to see Fairy Daffodil please.

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