W.I.P. Wednesday

Nuts About Squares Cal

Going back to the dark side!

The squares are arranged in rows of  like squares at the moment – this will not be the final placement.

I needed to crochet all this:

Mandala Madness

before I was ready to return to Master R’s colour choices.

I’ve decided to leave it at these 12 squares and do a wide border – I just know it will languish for far too long in the UFO pile if I try to make myself crochet more squares!

Are you struggling with any WIPs at the moment? Leave a link in the comments and we can share your pain!


26 responses to “W.I.P. Wednesday

  1. The squares are giving off brilliant colour Sandra.

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  2. After the mandalas, the squares are almost restful. Maybe a square, the. A round on the mandala?

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    • The squares are more muted than the bright mandala on the left hand side, for sure. I have just started to fill in the corners on the mandalas, but there is no pattern for that, so I’m working it out as I go – my brain has to be feeling in the right mood to be able to do that – hence returning to the dark squares for a while.

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  3. I do like some of the colour combinations on the squares, Daffy, they are quite striking.

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  4. I, too, like the dark side. Onward, ho!

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  5. Gosh I never realised how different a square can look just by using different colours! I see why you needed to work on something bright in between though

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  6. I love the dark side. So will the your little fellow. I think my favorite is the colorful one on the left of the second photo. You are so talented.

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    • Thank you Lisa. The talent lies in the amazing designers of the patterns. Little Miss M chose the colours in the one you like the best – it shows her sunny, cheerful personality. Master R has a lot to think about at 7 and takes life more seriously.


  7. SO glad you’re back to these! What does it say about me that the dark side is my favorite??!

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  8. Hours of fun arranging the squares for the blanket!

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  9. I love those squares though, they are lovely. This is just squarism!

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