Silly Senorita Saturday: Olé!


You can’t stop yourself staring at me

Looking as lovely as can be

With a flower in my hair

Castanets in the air

Dancing so passionately


I get so wrapped up in the beat

As I twirl and stamp with my feet

I am elegance and grace

Despite the fast pace

Flamenco makes me complete!


poem by Judy E. Martin

Edwinas Episodes


Another fun collaboration for a Silly Saturday.

I’ve always wanted to learn Flamenco, all that stamping! One day!

Thank you so much Eddie, your poem gives the picture life.

Joining in with the Daily Post:



37 responses to “Silly Senorita Saturday: Olé!

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  12. How creative and cheerful.

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  21. You certainly enjoyed this burst of creativity Sandra. Could be some happy voodoo in the character.

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  22. This is one of the things I enjoy most about Saturday’s! Shell art with Sandra!

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  23. Laurie Graves

    How wonderful your creations are!

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  24. Your shell art is so inspirational, Daffy . 🙂

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  25. By all means take lessons. What a fine lady.

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  26. What fun indeed lol. I love these pictures you make. Have you thought of doing some stop frame animation?

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  27. Looking like the day of the dead!

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  28. You always make me smile on a Saturday, Sandra 😀

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