late holiday find

left hidden


We went hunting for a Geocache on our family holiday in Solva in Wales at the end of July. There are quite a lot registered in that area, but this one was very close to where we were staying. It was fun: first we discovered the general location from the Geocache website, and there was a code to crack to give us a clue about the exact location. But I don’t think we would have found it without the help of my daughter’s Smart phone.

Miss E, Master R and Little Miss M were all very excited to find the plastic pot. We lifted the cache and took it back to the B&B to show the rest of the family

This is what we found inside the cache

Geocache find

The idea is that you can take an item from the cache and replace it with a little gift. It was fun to read what others had written, but we were just a little bit disappointed to discover  a marble and some sweets. Nobody wanted to eat the sweets, Little Miss M wanted to keep the marble.  We threw a couple of sweets in the bin and the children had fun deciding what to leave in their place. This is what we put back in the cache: A sheet of stickers, a butterfly candle, a rubber, and a Love Rock

cache treats

We put the cache back where we found it and covered it up with stones



This is my entry for our One-A-Week Photo Challenge this week, leave a link to what you have FOUND this week in the comments to be included n my monthly Round-Up of entries. And pop across to see what others have found on Nanacathy.

Also joining in with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge, his prompt words this week are: LATE and HOLIDAY


Solva is a very special place for me and I have been there many times: if you would like to see more photos or read more about it put ‘Solva’ in the SEARCH box at the top right of this page and the former blog entires are listed there.


16 responses to “Found

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  2. Oh yeah, geocaching is great for hidden. 😀

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  3. A great combination and challenge covers. A lovely story Sandra, fun can be had as shared family activities that cost nothing but time and a few simple gifts.

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  4. This always sounds like fun. I think the people that find your cache will be very pleased with it, I would be 🙂

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  5. I would have been cautious about the sweets, no telling how long, and all that! I think you left the cache a better thing than you found.

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  6. Laurie Graves

    Such fun!

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  7. I’d have eaten the sweets!

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  8. You left much better treasures than you found! What a fun activity with the kids, though.

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    • Yes we did Kerry! and we had a great conversation about doing that and how nice it would be for the next people who found the cache. A lovely way of practicing ‘random acts of kindness’.


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