shell collection from Abu Dhabi

touch, smell, remember

how did life get so busy

miss beachcombing days



shell from Abu Dhabi

All these shells and pieces of coral were collected in Abu Dhabi in January 2014.

Two weeks of warm sunshine, sitting on the beach, wandering slowly along the shoreline, knitting, reading and arranging shells ……. ah! ………… sigh …….


shell mandala

You might recognize some pieces that have been used in my shell pictures.

My entry for our One-A-Week Photo Challenge, this week’s prompt: ORDERLY

combining with

Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge: TOUCH and MISS

I could happily spend days arranging collections of objects in an orderly fashion – how about you?


30 responses to “Orderly

  1. I feel very tranquil after seeing these lovely photos! So serene – sigh!

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  2. Wonderful displays, Sandra

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  3. Another high standard combination challenge response Sandra. You would love our beach shells here in Australia.

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  4. Oh well done on the theme! No wonder Saturday’s are so amazing with that collection!!!

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  5. Reminds me of the wonderful collection of shells that my father brought back with him when he took his discharge from the Army after WW II. Lovely!

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    • How wonderful to have sparked such a memory Lizl, do you still have the shells?


      • No, I don’t know what happened to them after I left home, following high school graduation. I am the oldest of seven (6 still living), and either the folks gathered them up and put them someplace safe, or younger siblings lost them during their play. The real jewel is the parents collection of all their correspondence, which my sister is transcribing to publish privately in hardcover and give to siblings and their offspring. I have done some light proofreading. They were romantics and so very much in love!

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        • Oh my goodness!!! How very, very precious to have those letters and such a wonderful tribute to them and their love for one another to have them all in book form. Thank you for sharing that Lizl, I just love to hear of heartwarming family stories. ❤

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  6. I can see a few faces in there!

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  7. Looking through these shells I do see body parts. ha… I love the mandalas you make with them too. It must be soothing to make them. I would not like to have to dismantle them. I would want them all.

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Beautiful shell collections. I have decided on some orderly lupins – see https://murtaghsmeadow.wordpress.com/2017/09/20/orderly/

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  10. I love your orderly arrangements, but in answer to your question….er no!

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  11. Such gorgeous shells and lovely memories. They live on in your shell characters ♥️♥️

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