Crochet Mandala

Progress so far

crocheted mandala in cotton

I am loving seeing how this one develops, although , to be honest I am finding doing so much of it in one colour a challenge. It is harder to follow the pattern at times and my colour hungry eyes want to add more variety.

I am using Scheepjes Bonbon and a 2mm hook.

The main colour is Chrystaline, with touches of Lime Juice, Candle Light and Snow White.

In this photo I have just come to the end of the 5th ball of Chrystaline. Although the dye lot is supposed to be the same, the centre ball is lighter, I like it that way though. I’m thinking of using a darker turquoise later in the pattern.

What a relief to get to the rows where I wanted to put some pineapples in – well they are meant to represent pineapples. They are a bit titchy-tiny, but they are pineapples to me!

crocheted pineapples

You might remember I have a passion for Pineapples .

I’ll sneak them in where I can!

The ‘fruit’ is in Candle Light, the softest of pale yellows and the ‘leaves’ are in Lime Juice, which is slightly greener than in the photo.

The pattern I’m following is Helen Shrimpton’s Mandala Madness

with an alternative Spiro Star centre.

Over at Nanacathydotcom, Cathy holds a Knit and Natter on Fridays, so put the kettle on and pop over there for a good ol’ chinwag about all things yarny – she’s knitting gloves with fingers! The patience!


16 responses to “Crochet Mandala

  1. It sure is getting quite a size now, especially clear when seen against the crochet hooks. It may be a challenge to work with such a large block of colour, but the result is very calming to the eye, don’t you think?

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  2. Like the addition of the pineapples. Can’t remember what you are making it for.

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  3. Wow! How big will this be when you finish?

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  4. Of course those are pineapples! It does get a little long with so much of one color, but the effect on this one is so stunning, hang in there!

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  5. Laurie Graves

    My, gosh, what beautiful work you do!

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  6. So beautiful and delicate looking!

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  7. Your hook can do amazing things. I am with you about the color. This is an intricate mandala.

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  8. Love your crochet, and knitting gloves is very easy! Just counting.

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