Silly Saturday: Maggie Dreaming

shell dancer

Maggie fancied trying something new

And thought about what she could do

Dancing around a steel pole

Was becoming quite dull

But what, she hadn’t a clue


In her mirror she struck a new pose

Standing on the tips of her toes

With a graceful demeanour

Like a beautiful ballerina

She imagined being the star of the show


poem by Judy E. Martin

Edwina’s Episodes


Judy and I have teamed up again to be Silly on a Saturday. Our Maggie has started to dream of new areas in which to expand her talents….. I wonder where she will take us next ….. any ideas of what she might get up to?


Encouraged by your wonderful comments and support I am getting some of the Maggie pictures printed on Greetings Cards. I’m wondering how many to print? If you would like to buy one/some, it would be great if you could let me know by email.

Which picture you would like and would you like the cards with or without the poems?

Direct from me they will sell at £1.90 with poem and be 8″x6″ and at £1.50 without the poem, measuring 7″ x 5″.  Postage will be added depending on quantity.

I will put some cards in my Etsy shop, but they will have to sell for a little more there to cover the Etsy costs.

Please go to the Contact Me Page to send me a private message if you would like any of the cards – thank you.

Here are the Maggie Pictures to choose from, click on any to go large:

From the top left

  1. Ballerina
  2. Stretch
  3. Pole Dancer 1
  4. Pole Dancer 2



21 responses to “Silly Saturday: Maggie Dreaming

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  2. Great poetic humour Sandra. My Maggie dances too with snapping teeth.

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  3. With her career change, I think Maggie could do a children’s book!!

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a great idea. I love these!

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  5. Laurie Graves

    I love the ballerina card. Go, Maggie, go! Free yourself from that pole.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. They’ll make awesome cards!

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  7. Our Maggie is looking good again today, Daffy. How wonderful to have our first customer Amy, too 🙂

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  8. I’d like some! Will message you 🙂

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