teabag tealight

I don’t need Christmas

My heart celebrates Solstice

Turning to the light


Using a bit of poetic licence here to meet our One-a-Week Photo Challenge Prompt: Regal

I was trying to make a tealight holder out of used teabags that was not so BROWN.

After painting it with white Gesso it somehow said ‘Christmas’ to me, so I painted the inside with some gold paint, a few dots around the outside and then it said ‘CROWN’.

used teabags tealight

used teabags tealight

used teabags - tealight holder

Also joining in with Ronovan’s weekly Haiku challenge – prompt words HEART and NEED


21 responses to “Regal

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  2. There could only be one topic for this week Sandra

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  3. Simple beauty captured regally Sandra.

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  4. A truly royal autumn glow! Here’s my submission for Regal:

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  5. That is one beautiful golden crown, Daffy 🙂

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  6. So creative! I thought it was a crown!

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  7. Oh yes, perfect as a crown tealight!

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  8. so creative!

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  9. Laurie Graves

    Regal yet warm, a rare combination. And, of course, creative.

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  10. A very creative regal! The glow of the candle makes me warm and happy!
    Here’s my link.

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