On the hook this Friday

mandala madness with spirostar centre

Can you see the hint of a darker turquoise?

This is how she looked just after I added that row:crochet table cloth

Sitting on the table I am making her for. I did wonder whether to stop here and leave it as a large mat for the table as it looked so pretty, but I’m itching to see what this pattern looks like when finished, so on I went.

I’ve had the mahogany table for years and I love the details in the design. I had to take it outside to get a decent photo of it.

vintage mahogany table


As you can see it is not easy to clean!

The crochet pattern is Mandala Madness by Helen Shrimpton and I have used Spiro Star in the centre. You can see my tutorial here.

I am using Scheepjes Cotton Bonbon and a 2mm hook.

It will measure approximately 1m across when completed.

In the top picture I have just started the 10th ball of the main colour.

It measures 29″ or 74cm across.

The background is one of my unfinished abstract paintings on canvas in acrylic paint.

Pop over to Nanacathy for her weekly gem ‘Knit and Natter Friday’ where you can chat about all things yarny.



20 responses to “On the hook this Friday

  1. That is gorgeous!

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow


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  3. I love it! My favourite colours and such beautiful hooking too. I’m curious about how you took the second photo – I’m imagining you stood atop a ladder and peering out and over the table …… but surely not? Your unfinished canvas has beautiful colours too. I live in hopes of achieving something fine and ethereal on canvas but always end up in your face brightly coloured…….

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  4. It is coming along so beautifully and I can’t wait to see it finished! It will look a treat on that table 🙂

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  5. Fabulous, both of them.

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  6. It does look just perfect with the white edging!

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  7. Lovely old table that brings out the beautiful color of the mandala. I love the white edging, so crisp and clean.

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    • Thank you Kathy. Another round after which I wonder whether to stop there, but ….. I’m a little bit obsessed with this pattern and want to finish it – I might do the last rounds in white again though as it does seem to show up well against the turquoise.

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  8. It’s looking really really nice, and thanks for the link!

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    • Thanks Cathy. I do love your Knit and Natter Fridays – when I saw it come up in my Inbox this morning – I thought ‘Oooo good’ and went and put the kettle on, ready to have a natter with you and your followers. 😉


  9. Another beauty! And that table! How old is it? Such lovely work on the legs, even if they are hard to clean.

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