Silly Saturday: Shell Show

assemblage art with shells

Walking to the seaside one day

Grandpa and Granny met friends on the way

They had quite a fright

Realising something wasn’t right

At a loss to know what to say.


There was an Ugly Shell Show

And the friends had decided to go

They transformed their features

Into hideous creatures

That, Grandpa and Granny didn’t know.


Granny had got such a scare

What had happened to poor Wilbur’s hair?

And Micky’s disguise

With massive bug eyes

And those lips…Wow, what a huge pair!


Even their little Sonny joined in

With the sockets of his eyes coloured in

Jill’s face was so flat

Like she’d been hit by a bat

Now who you YOU think will win?


poem by Judy E. Martin

picture Sandra Dorey


Another fun collaboration this Saturday with Judy. I send her a photo of some shell characters – and I just love what happens next – Judy gives the characters life and let’s me know what on earth they are up to and that in turn sparks another idea in my mind and sends me back to the boxes of shells, pebbles and pieces of coral.

I expect you know by now how much I love to join forces with other creative minds. If any of the characters that appear on our Silly Saturdays spark an idea for a story or a poem, please get in touch. Judy and I are tentatively thinking of putting a little book together and we would both love it if it could be a group effort from our wonderful blogging community. All very much in the early stages and we welcome thoughts and ideas. I’m wondering about an ebook with sales going to charity … but all those details are up for discussion. Here’s a reminder of the characters so far.


I do hope you are having a very Silly Saturday.

We are being battered by yet another storm here – it’s been given the name Brian – I’m not sure I like this naming of storms.

A good excuse, if one were needed, to get on with my crochet, whilst dreaming up another bit of fun to have with the Shelleys and the Stones.



35 responses to “Silly Saturday: Shell Show

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  3. A beautiful collection, lots of fun action in shells and poetry. You have the makings of a children’s book Sandra, go for it.

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  4. I’ve been enjoying your artwork on Judy’s site. Just so creative and fun!

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  5. Great idea to do a book, I think that’s the perfect way to immortalise both characters and poems for posterity!

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  6. These are all brilliant and brought a smile to my tiredvwibday morning face!

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  7. I do love these, Daffy. They are so much fun to work with and I do hope others will join in with us 🙂

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  8. You have quite a colection there. Good Luck with the project!

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  9. You are so creative and I love how you manage to do this with just natural products!

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  10. Little Sonny is looking kind of scary there! Who would have thought?!

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  11. Murtagh's Meadow

    I’d love to pick a favourite but I can’t, they are all too good!

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  12. I love seeing them all in one place–so many and such distinct personalities!

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  13. They should have a house! Good luck with Brian, poor Brian. Don’t let the shell people be blown away! And what will they do for halloween, they look scary enough already!

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  14. Oh I love these – the plant ones as well as the shells. Guaranteed to make me laugh and smile. Thank you 🙂

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