How to finish?

crochet mandala

I have reached the most difficult stage of the Crocheted Mandala. I’ve nearly finished. This is where so many projects have floundered and been relegated to the UFO (unfinished object) box boxes.

Since the beginning of August I have loved making this mandala and have been obsessively crocheting almost non-stop for nearly 3 months, but things have ground to a halt.

I don’t like the edge.

crocheted mandala

The dark turquoise, the rows of Lime Juice and Candlelight, and the row of folded trebles seem to take away the delicacy of the whole, and hem it in.

Mandala Madness

I have the mandala laid out on the canvas, I keep looking at it trying to decide what to do.

Do I rip it back to beyond the folded trebles – that would mean undoing about a week of intensive long hours of crochet. I need to think carefully about that before I do it.

Another idea is to take it back to the row in Candlelight and replace with Chrystaline (the main colour) and see if that lightens the feel of the edge.

And would a little white butterfly sit on that row of folded trebles every so often to break up the enclosing circle it makes…..crocheted butterfly

…… or would I always look at it and only see the offending row of folded trebles.

Initially I had intended the piece to be a tablecloth, but increasingly I have felt I want to frame it. As a tablecloth the border would be fine as the whole of it would not be seen at once.

As a Mandala, on the wall, as a piece of art – hmmmm – well that is different.

Do you have any thoughts to help me make a decision?

46 responses to “How to finish?

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  2. Gosh, what a diffficult choice… Whatever anyone else says it is your piece and if the outer ring offends you it is never going to be any different…:( While we were away I finally got round to unpicking all the seamd in the boidice of a dress I made that I have never been happy with, and altough it was a pain to do now that that stage is done I feel so much better about it and am confident I can now rejig it to fit better. The moral? The week taken to create the outer ring is irrelevant if you are not happy with it…

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    • I love your comment Cathy. It helps me to feel I am in good company. You are so right – that week is gone – now is all that matters. I have a busy few days ahead and welcome the distance from this project that the bizzzzzzyness will bring. I’m pretty sure ‘frogging’ is the next step, but will wait til next week to decide. Thank you. xx


  3. It looks great to me Sandra. Don’t be too self critical.

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  4. I like the border as it is, and I wouldn’t rip it. I like the idea of the 3D Touch of birds/butterflies in white around the edge, especially if you put it in a deep set frame to give the surface some room.
    Don’t attach any surface features until AFTER you block it, though. I STILL vote for framing it 👍
    My .02 cents. 🤗

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  5. Hmm, I agree with you about the less than delicate border, but as to what to replace it with – no idea, I’m afraid! Definitely frog back to where you’re happy with it otherwise you’ll end up being irritated every time you look at it and that would be a waste of the whole three months, not just the last week’s worth.

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  6. If it was me I’m frog it back because I would always be bothered by those trebles… and reading your responses it looks like that’s what you are likely to do. I never unravel straight away, I always spend some time thinking about it, but in general if I don’t like something I know I’m not going to like it any more by ignoring it for a while and I almost always frog and feel better for it!

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    • Thanks so much Mrs Snail, I am thinking along the same lines myself. I love how all the comments have almost exactly reflected the to and fro conversations I’ve had in my head. I do love Blogland! ❤


  7. Before you rip anything out, what about trying some white Lacey looking stitches around the edge?

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  8. I can’t advise because I feel clueless but I love the colour choices, it’s stunning.

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  9. I like the edge, just had to be different,it gives iit definition, but it is very samey colourwise. Find a piece of red glass , small piece , and lay it on the mandala. stand back, look and think.!

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    • Wow! I love the way you are thinking Cathy that is bold!!! and no mistake – RED! Phoar, yes, that does make me think. Actually one of my favourite colour combinations is strong turquoise next to scarlet.
      I am going to hold that thought for a another project – I’m a bit stuck on this one being delicate and soft and calming. Absolutely LOVE your comment.

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow

    I really don’t feeling qualified to say but i can certainly see your point, i would suggest sleeping on it (not literally) for couple of days. It is truely magnificent and definitely worth framing as a place if art.

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  11. I love the mandala, Daffy, and it is a hard decision for you to make. The fact that you referred to them as the ‘offending’ folding trebles, tells me that you are not going to be happy until they are gone!
    The thing is though it will be so hard losing a week’s worth of work!!

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  12. I think it’s beautiful! Maybe the folded trebles are too heavy and could be replaced with a more open stitch?

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  13. I agree with Rainbow Junkie that the new border gives it a harder, abrupt look. it was all so subtle and soft and ethereal before; the colors at the border are so much more distinct and defined. Don’t get me wrong–it’s all gorgeous and impressive but the first 3/4s looks like a different project than the last border. And I, personally, say ix-nay on the utterfly-bays. Too literal for my taste.

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  14. When you showed it to us on 13th October and I said it looked just perfect. I meant it. The dainty white edging seemed to finish it off nicely. However undoing all that recent work would be a hard thing to do. The recent work does give it a much harder edge and gives it a heavier look.

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  15. Wow, its tablecloth size? I keep seeing it as you’ve been making it and thought it was doily sized. For what its worth as someone who wouldn’t know one end of a crotchet needle from the other I think its beautiful, you cant go unpicking all your dedicated hard work. The butterfly is very delicate and pretty. I think if you’re putting it on the wall I’d go for just a couple together somewhere near the top but otherwise all the way round might be a bit overly fussy? But that’s my very humble layman’s opinion. It really is so pretty.

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  16. I love this mandala as it is. I think the offending (to you) outer ring gives it much life. Those little butterflies are beautiful, IMO not for this project.

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