In 2 Vases on Monday


Joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a Vase on Monday.

Schizostylis (Kaffir lily, Hesperantha), Cuckoo Pint (arum) leaves and self sown Antirrhinum


In an orange charity shop vase and little square vase from Chive

Joining Cee’s Flower of the Day.


The vases were filled to be put in the spare bedroom, getting ready for my sister to come from London to stay for the weekend.

DSC_0592 (1)

She was coming to celebrate our Mum’s 89th birthday, so I thought I would add a photo of a wonderful family gathering we had about 20 years ago.


Our Mum has dementia. She wasn’t really aware that her 3 daughters, one granddaughter and 3 great-grandchildren were there. However, she seemed to enjoy the attention, she smiled when we sang Happy Birthday.

I said, “Mum it is your birthday today, how old do you think you are?”

She seemed to be thinking for a while and then said “Ummm ….. 25”

Here’s a picture of my beautiful Mum, when she was about 19.


She opened the cards the children had made for her and enjoyed eating the cake. The chef at her Care Home put so much thought and creativity into the cake inspired by a teddy bear Mum has.


We were all amazed when he carried it in with the candles lit.Β It was delicious.

Little Miss M particularly loved eating the ears!

33 responses to “In 2 Vases on Monday

  1. Lovely vases – but the best was seeing that picture of your beautiful mother. My mother passed away in January this year and the pleasure I get from seeing her when she was young and beautiful is immeasurable. There could be room for a ‘share’ amongst bloggers there?

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  2. Happy Birthday to Mum – sounds like she was able to enjoy the get together and cake, despite her dementia, which is a joy to hear.

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  3. I love the little brightly coloured vases, they really complement the flowers.
    Your mum was certainly a beauty, Daffy. I hope she had a lovely birthday, how lovely that she had you all with her. That cake looks gorgeous, I bet that went down well with everyone, not just Little Miss M! πŸ™‚

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Simple but beautiful arrangments. Love the orange vase. And happy birthday to your mum. The cake looks amazing:-)

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  5. Beautiful flowers and wonderful post. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  6. It’s lovely that you could all come together for your mom’s birthday! She might not have known, but you did:)

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  7. My mom had dementia as well when she passed five years ago. It is hard, but I am so thankful to still have my dad , who is quite clear and turning 90 in December. What a lovely day you had for her, with some good memories to share with the entire family. Your mom was a beautiful 19 year old, and I’m glad she enjoyed the cake. How wonderful that the chef marks these special occasions, that is a a gift in itself.

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  8. I remember when simple arty flower arrangements like that became popular. Yours are beautiful. I also enjoyed your story about your mother.

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  9. The orange and pink are such an exciting combination of plants. The little vase is sweet. It is good that you can still celebrate your Mum even if she is not aware of every little detail. I am sure she could feel the love.

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    • Pink and orange is one of my favourite colour combos in fabric, clothes, painting and flowers. There is a LOT of it in my house!
      I think Mum gets a general impression of atmosphere, so I think she does feel the love – a bit like a baby does.


  10. Dementia is such a cruel condition, particularly in stripping away all those memories. It’s good that you are still celebrating her birthday with a family gathering even if the reason is beyond her. We are fortunate that our Mum is still herself at almost 92. Both vases really sing with those colours – I was hoping Chive would be at Chatsworth, but they weren’t 😐

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    • I am so very pleased to know that your Mum is still ‘here’ at 92 – that is wonderfully encouraging.
      Chive don’t seem to get out much do they! Which of the Chive vases do you like the best. I do love the little cubes, and the giraffe, although the giraffe could be bigger (especially for the price!). I might be tempted by the combination vases if I saw them ‘in the flesh’ again.


  11. Beautiful capture of the Antirrhinum! Mine always blow out the colour balance in my camera making the details hard to spot. 😦

    There are two plants called ‘kaffir lilys’, yours (which is just beautiful!) is from the iris family, and an unrelated one is a true lily (Clivia Miniata).

    That’s a great cake too! πŸ™‚


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    • I know what you mean about the colours when photographing flowers. I Love the schizostylis, it is a hardy little plant and seems to thrive against slugs and snails and brighten up the October garden. I’m going to look up the other Kaffir Lily, thank you for the info.


  12. Happy Birthday to your Mum. Mine is 90 next year, hoping we can get a family group together for her.

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