Halloween Party

Judy and I present to you another very Silly Saturday…… Ta Dah!

Shell Assemblage art

The Halloween party was in full swing

On the beach, in the middle of the night

The Shelleys were doing the ‘Moonwalk’

Under its bright, silver light

Later, when they got hungry

There was plenty for them to eat

Ghoulash, or stake and chips main course

Key Slime Pie or Pustard for sweet.

Drinks or course were a-plenty

Snot chocolate or a nice cup of pee

Maybe some whine would be better

For their Halloween festivities.

They all held hands as they walked home

Dressed as they were, all in white

I bet that if you had seen them

They would have given you a hell of a fright!


poem by Judy E. Martin

assemblage art by Sandra Dorey

acrylic on canvas background  painted by Master R,  aged 8


I think Judy has excelled here!

Did you enjoy Halloween?

The Shelleys and the Stones certainly did ……. murder on the dance floor!


Snot Chocolate – eeuuuuuwwwwwwww!!!!!!!



12 responses to “Halloween Party

  1. Loved the poem, really funny, made me smile. Thanks

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  2. Love that Master R had some input on this one – fabulous!

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  3. Your assemblages are always wonderful Sandra!

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Have the two of you thought about doing a children book of poetry? I’ll try this out on my two tomorrow but i think children would love this

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    • We haven’t thought of it. Thank you for the suggestion. I don’t know how old your children are but if they have any ideas let us know and we can work on it and see where we all go with it – creative collaboration makes my heart sing! 🎉💃

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  5. You ladies outdid yourselves. Love this one.

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  6. Never mind the shells, I love the blue background, stunning.

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