Paper Games with the Boys

Last week there was an Inset Day at the school so the boys, Big Bro 7 and Little Bro 5 came to me. They absolutely LOVE playing drawing consequences – I expect you know the game .. but just in case you don’t I’ll describe it.

playing consequences

Tear A4 paper into half, lengthways.

Each person has a strip of paper.

Without showing the others, draw a hat at the top of the paper and then fold the paper over to hide the drawing except for a couple of lines to show where the face should go. The papers then get passed to the next person.

Everyone draws a face and folds the paper again, leaving the lines of the neck showing.

Next the body is drawn, leaving lines for the placement of the legs.

The legs are drawn leaving lines for the feet.

Five lines are put at the bottom and the paper is passed round for one letter to be added in any space at each turn. This will create the name of the character.

Then we all open the paper and laugh at what we have drawn, and try to pronounce the names. We usually have to play at least 4 rounds before they want to move on to something else.

Next we hid our names in a secret design.

In pencil, draw a central line and write your name in clear bold letters, touching the line.


Turn the paper round and draw a mirror image of each letter, touching the original letter.

Turn the paper so that the first letter is at the bottom of the page as in the picture.

With a pen or crayon, start to pick out lines and features to make a symmetrical pattern.

Keep going and make it as intricate as you can

The boys got into the secret element of it and went for further disguise. I have smudged out their names but I hope you get the ideaSecret hidden names

The idea is that the pattern looks like a design, it is only when it is held sideways and the right way up that the name can be seen. Or you can just continue creating the design until the letters are entirely obscured.

After all the drawing we got out under that clear blue sky …. to the woods and beyond …


but more of that tomorrow as our Photo Challenge prompt is WALK

23 responses to “Paper Games with the Boys

  1. Such fun! Never come across picture consequences before but I shall definitely give it a go in the future

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  3. Ours did exactly the same! They also played ‘story consequences’ with typical boy content resulting in belly laughs coming from the lounge!

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Great ideas for keeping kids occupied.

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  5. I loved playing this game when we were kids. I’ll have to remember this one to play with my young neighbors.

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  6. Laurie Graves


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  7. Two really great paper games that we never did! Thanks! Looking forward to more walk pix tomorrow!

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  8. We used to play the drawing consequences but not met the names idea.

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  9. We used to play “drawing consequences” – I always loved it as a child and had completely forgotten the hilarity when the paper was unfolded. We never did the names though – what a great addition.

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  10. Love the two little dots in the distance in the field, obviously a bit of a run as well as a walk. That is a super extention to consequences. You are a very nice Granny.

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    • Awh! Thank you Cathy – I’m sure we both are! 😉
      This consequences works well with 4/5/6 year olds who are not up to writing a story yet.
      Yes they ran ahead, eager to look for badger holes in the woods.

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