In a Vase on Monday: 4th Anniversary


A really quickly put together entry for Cathy’s ‘In a Vase on Monday’ 4th Aniversary Challenge.

Firstly I must congratulate Cathy on this wonderful meme and the fact that she has popped items, from her garden, in a vase and posted every Monday for 4 years.


Well done Cathy – amazing. I absolutely love this weekly international garden party even though I don’t get to participate each week, I love it when I have the time to visit all the entries. I have learnt so much and enjoyed the vases. Not just the vases – but the props and stories that go with them – a richness and abundance of joy.

Try Google images ‘In a Vase on Monday’ if you want to lift your spirits!

Cathy has asked us to post an unusual container this week.

I would have loved to be able to give this a bit more thought bu tI have been away and had a very exciting and busy few days – I’m exhausted – happily knackered – but I did so want to join in.

So my offering is 4 containers for 4 years – not cut flowers as it was dark when I got home – cuttings of succulents in a spice pot and wine glass and succulents that live on my doorstep in walking boots that were on my feet when I trekked in the Himalaya in 1994.



22 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: 4th Anniversary

  1. I like the concept of vase.

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  2. What an achievement for Cathy, keeping this going for 4 years. It is a lovely idea and always cheery to see what you come up with as you never disappoint!

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  3. 4 years! That’s commitment to blogging, that’s for sure, and this is the perfect photo to sum it up.

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  4. Your arrangement today is so totally appropriate and lovely.

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  5. Great idea, bloggers are resourceful people. Amazing to come home in the dark yet still manage to join in, with such an original idea too.

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  6. A very exciting and busy few days? I am sure we will hear more in due course, Sandra 🙂 And 4 receptacles for the 4th anniversary challenge is making a real point – so thank you for that. It shows how quickly and simple we can brighten our lives, doesn’t it?

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    • It was my birthday on Saturday and I went to London for the weekend to meet up with family – we had a fab and slightly crazy time – I will certainly be writing about it soon.
      I agree with you that just a simple, hurried gathering together of items can bring joy – thank you for being the spark!


  7. Perfect and unusual!!

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  8. Laurie Graves

    Love ’em!

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  9. Isn’t it miserable to come home in the dark and now it’s cold too. These look very jaunty atop your stove and what a great way to use the boots.

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow

    What a wonderful way to commemerate you walk!

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    • Thank you MM. When the boots were too old to use as walking boots any more I just could not throw them away and then I saw this idea at a local Gardening Show. They have sat by my front door ever since, a lovely, everyday reminder of a real adventure all those years ago.

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