Notan, the letter A, paper cut art

My entry in our One-a-Week Photo Challenge. 

The Letter A

I came across the Japanese Art of Paper Cutting called Notan, which uses positive and negative space. Go to Pinterest to see the most amazing examples.

The photo was taken using the ‘Sketch’ setting on my Nikon D5200.

Step – by – step:


A piece of A5 coloured paper and an A4 background

Notan, paper art, the letter A

notan, paper art, letter A

paper art, Notan, letter A

It needs to go on a coloured background


Couldn’t resist a bit of doodling, and then it needed to go on a black background. Now some of the doodling looks like cut-outs.

Notan and doodling

This is such a good activity to do with children aged 4 onwards.

The designs would make great greetings cards.

Please leave your link in the comments – Cathy and I always look forward to seeing each interpretation of the prompt – she has a corker this week!


22 responses to “Letter

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  2. A fascinating idea shared in great photos Sandra. I had never heard of Not an and of course the Japanese would have to come up with yet another creative form of paper art. Here is my Letter contribution, influenced by Cathy. https://haikuhound.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/an-open-letter/

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Lovely idea!

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  5. I love that you are passing you creative spirit on to your grandkids. What special memories they will have! The artwork is pretty cool too.😉

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  6. I really like this concept and would love to give it a go – and ought to start a list of all the creative things I want to do if I have a spare moment…

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    • I like the effect you can get quite quickly – it fits in with the Permaculture principle of Minimum input for Maximum output (or effect). I am just going through more photos of my Notan experiments to put another blog post together.


  7. I love this, Daffy, as always you astonish me with your creativity. The children did a fabulous job, too 🙂

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  8. Love it! On another subject…Where are we on ordering card? Somehow, we can’t seem to connect via email. Really weird. I might just give up and order them through your Etsy site. One more try?

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    • Oh no! Try the Contact Me page and let me know which designs you would like and how many of each, then I’ll work out a discounted price for you. We’ll get there surely!!!???!!!


  9. Isn’t this just super. My favourite is the one bottom left. PS the children have good materials, whooppee

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    • Yay! Yes I always give the children the same materials that I use – they paint on huge canvases, they use artist quality acrylic paints, they have the best scissors and glue, sharpened crayons and fine felt-tip pens – it is SO important as you say Cathy.

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  10. That looks clever. Haven’t decided what to do myself yet but something containing only one letter did seem appropriate or a posted letter of course.

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    • It is really simple to do – but does look clever – I like those kind of things! There are so many possibilities with this prompt aren’t there. I trawled through my photos til I came across these from Feb this year.

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