More Notan inspired designs

Put three different coloured sheets one on top of the other and cut through all three layers together. Then have fun arranging the pieces you’ve created.

Add a few doodle decorations if you like.

Use camera settings, photo-editing or Photoshop to play around with different effects.

Have fun!

And then there are the offcuts to play with….


Great for greetings cards.  And I’m wondering about printing some out on canvas. They remind me of 1960’s designs. I think they would look good in a child’s bedroom or playroom, do you?

Click on any picture to see it larger

There are quite a lot of You Tube tutorials about creating Notan designs – This one is a simple one to get you started.


34 responses to “More Notan inspired designs

  1. I love how creative you get with even the leftovers! A beautiful riot of colours, too, with such a happy feel.

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  2. Laurie Graves

    They would look great in any room. Wowsah!

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  3. These are so pretty 🙂

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  4. Looks very cool! Maybe I’ll try this with my students:)

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  5. really clever yet so simple ^^

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  6. Do you draw the design free hand or measure carefully, and cutting do you use scissors or a craft knife. These look so effective. Something new to me I must ,do I need to try something new…


  7. These are great, and i loved the butterfly one you had in a previous post. I’m definitely going to give this a go

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  8. creative colors and art…

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