Sandra’s Silly Saturday

Frida Kahlo themed clothes

Last Saturday, the 11th day of the 11th month was my birthday.

Happy Birthday to me!

Not sure where the idea to dress in the style of Frida Kahlo came from but …….I trawled my wardrobe for florals……

…… found the right candles from Divine Excesss

and set off for a Palooza (new word – thank you Laurie!) of a weekend!

Joining Nadia’s Photo Challenge – Jewel Colours.


…. I left on Friday and stayed with my sister who lives in London. On Saturday we met up with my daughter, A who, thanks to her sister-in-law looking after her 3 little ones, was able to meet us for the day. Hurray! My niece was able to meet us as well! …. at the Battersea Art Centre, a truly amazing building full of quirky features and faded grandeur.

This is the mosaic floor that greets you in the entrance hall.

bee mosaic

I just loved the faded flaking paint in the atmospheric corridors.

Joining in with the Daily Post today.

Battersea Arts Centre

faded grandeur

the perfect place for a Kahlo themed party don’t you think!

I loved the way we all entered into the silliness of it and my daughter even sported a rather amazing monobrow!


I didn’t go quite that far!


The Arts Centre has a restaurant which even had chilled Prosecco at the Bar and a most delicious Mexican style chicken and cous cous for lunch.

The grand staircase was the perfect setting for more photos


There were African crafts for sale in the hall, all adding to a sense of being transported somewhere else


we had time to try a few things on


and then my niece spotted the perfect setting for a photo of me and my sister

One of my favourite photos of the day

embarassing the children

Later A found the caption to go with it:

“If you are not embarassing your children you are obviously not having enough fun”

A huge thank you to my lovely family for joining me in Kahlo-land and brightening up a grey November day, spreading sunshine and smiles as we all walked through SW London after lunch in full regalia. Our headgear promoted the most wonderful conversations and there was a little bubble of magic surrounding the whole day.

I hope to be able to tell you more about it soon …. it is taking me ages to sort through all the photos and for most of this week I have been looking after a poorly Little Bro (5) who has the most horrible cough, cold and temperature.

Itching to tell you about my visit to the Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the most spectacularly arty tea London has to offer ….. not forgetting my perfect date for the whole weekend … ….

Must go now and administer Cough Mixture.


54 responses to “Sandra’s Silly Saturday

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  3. Frida Kahlo es mi pintora preferida y la pintura
    que más me gusta es Unos cuantos piquetitos

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  6. Love the caption – perfect! Hope he’s got over the cough thing – mine’s at its peak (I hope!).

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  7. How fun! And you look lovely in those colors. Perfect for you. 🙂 Thanks for joining the challenge! I hope you come back again.

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  8. Laurie Graves

    What a palooza! 😉 Happy, happy!

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  9. Absolutely fantastic, Daffy. You all look brilliant,, so colourful and vibrant, typically you!

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  10. What a hoot! You all look like you are having so much fun!!!

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  11. Happy belated birthday!

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  12. Happy belated birthday, such a fun idea of dressing up like Frida!

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  13. Happy belated birthday! The pictures are classics. On balance, I think everyone should have to wear flowery hats when it’s their birthday.

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    • Wow! Yes! Wouldn’t that be fabulous!!! Then we’d all know to wish people ‘happy’ on their special day – what a wonderful idea! That would cheer the place up for sure. I think I might just adopt that tradition for myself! Genius idea. Will you join me! 😉 😀


  14. Murtagh's Meadow

    Well the battersea art centre seems like perfect place to start your wonderful day. It really looks like you had great fun. And i just love those bees on the mosaic floor and of course all that amazing flowery head gear!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d love to know the history of the Bee mosaic floor – must try and find out – I’ll definitely be going there again sometime. It was just the right venue for my birthday gathering, I was glad to have found it.

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  15. Sounds like a fun day. Not sure I would have the courage for that sort of thing. You do look as if you were enjoying yourself.

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  16. Happy Birthday, you should have gone to San Fransisco with the headgear. Love the frock!

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  17. Happy Birthday to you!

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  18. mikegrantham1

    Lovely post, looks liked you had great fun. Awesome tiled floor too!

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  19. Looks like you had a fab day. I loved reading your post and watching your pictures. Belated happy birthday 🙂

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  20. I love this: “If you are not embarassing your children you are obviously not having enough fun”. What a delightful post 🙂

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  21. Nice photos and Happy Belated Birthday! You all look great.

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  22. This is the MOST fun! What an amazing idea for a themed birthday–you all look great and do Kahlo proud!

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  23. what a beautiful colourful birthday celebration you had!
    I love the last photo and quote ^^

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  24. Lisa at Greenbow

    Just seeing the pictures of your day out has made my heart go pitty patter with joy. What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day. A beautiful bevy of ladies out on the town. Do tell more about it and a belated Happy Birthday.

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