Tate Modern, Tate ExchangeMy visit to the Tate Modern on Friday 10th November, was the perfect start to my birthday weekend

wooden framed light shades

The Exchange is a room in the new building at the Tate for interactive projects. I didn’t stop to make a lampshade but did watch a few people doing it. You can get a free cuppa in the Tate Exchange Room – worth knowing!

The exibition in the Turbine Hall, by three Danish artists from an artists’ Collective called SUPERFLEX is also interactive – read all about it here. And see a photo of the artists here,

‘Interactive’ is my favourite form of art.

This exhibit strongly relies on LIGHT and reflection. You can lie on a stripey carpet and watch the huge shiny ball as it swings overhead….

Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

Click on any photo to see it in more detail.

Turbine Hall Tate nov 17

Lots of people were enjoying the bubbles this Mum was blowing as they walked up the carpet.

Whole families could swing together in the rest of the hall, it was fun.

This next picture is taken from a bridge that connects the two buildings.



broken by split layers

Tate Modern


One-a-week Photo Challenge, prompt: LIGHT

To join in, leave a link in the Comments to your post – past or present.


and joining in with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge, prompts: BROKEN and OVER


27 responses to “Light

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    A light entry for your challenge –

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  7. Happy Belated Birthday!

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  8. What a fascinating place! Great way to start the celebration!
    Here’s my link…

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  9. That’s an interesting museum that there is so much interactive!

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  10. It looks wonderful, Daffy, I love the fact that it is so interactive, too 🙂

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  11. Laurie Graves

    Wonderful! If ever I visit London again…

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  12. What am amazing-looking museum! I love how much room there is for participating in the art!

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  13. Am wondering if anyone would like to lie on my carpet and look at the light fitting and the way the light catches the cobwebs!
    Like the idea of making the light shade and the free cup of coffee.
    Lovely start to your birthday weekend.

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  14. This looks fab. Must go when next in London x

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