Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain

fireplace, Rachel Whiteread

DSC_0349windows, Rachel Whiteread

Rounding off my weekend in London I went to Tate Britain to see the Rachel Whiteread exhibition. I have been interested in her work ever since ‘House’ in 1993.

Such an extraordinary thing to do.

Art that encourages us to see things differently is always exciting.

The atmosphere that was created by the exhibiton at the Tate was one of supreme calm and serenity. Something to do with the combination of neutral colours, scale and space. I would happily have spent the whole day there.

Rachel Whiteread

Making the domestic monumental.

I loved the way every shape interacted with the space and other objects in the space.




Rachel Whiteread

Collections of used household objects cast as solid objects

looks simple doesn’t it but watch this film on ‘How to Cast like Rachel Whiteread’

and see just how many processes go into creating one object – mindblowing!

Rachel Whiteread

Book shelves reminding me of the first little library I used to visit with my Grandfather in the 1950s/60s

bookshelf, Rachel Whiteread



There is something intriguing about exploring negative space.

Clever to keep the colours calm so that the mind can peacefully think about positive and negative without the noise of colour.

resin door

Rachel Whiteread door

And to get to know the artist better –  a film of Rachel Whitread talking about the way she works.


11 responses to “Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain

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  3. You are broadening my horizons that’s for sure. I see a video session in my future!

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  4. Laurie Graves

    Yes, interesting. Like you, I am always intrigued by seeing things in a different way.

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  5. An interesting day out. It’s good to visit an art gallery. I went to one in Scarborough last week, not so grand as yours since it covered beach holidays in one gallery and all the railway posters and photos. In the other gallery town plans to turn Scarborough into a very swish Spa town in 1935, but the war happened, then the austerity of the 50s followed by cheap package holidays and so it never happened. But the vision was wonderful to see, and would have cost £15,000 to build. Heigh ho. Now I shall watch your videos, as I had not heard of your artist.

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