Tate Couple

Version 2

A wonderful BBC programme, Imagine,  was on TV on Saturday, giving insights about Rachel Whiteread’s 30 year career and the current Exhibition at Tate Britain.

DSC_0379 (1)

I became fascinated by this couple

Version 2

Their shapes, their colours, their interaction.

DSC_0380 (1)

People watching is one of my favourite things to do – you too?

Joining in with Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Doors, Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread



24 responses to “Tate Couple

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  4. They’re the couple from Grant Wood’s American Gothic, brought up to date! He left his pitchfork at home, and she’s had a haircut…

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  5. Great captures of this couple. Would love to be a wall flower and hear their interaction:)
    Happy to run into you via Thurs. Doors, because I’m launching Weekend Journal Page Dec. 8 (Friday) at noon, but since it’s Dec you may link on at any time till January 3, with your perma link in the comment.Saw the wigs, very creative:). the Journal page is more about the unfinished – process phase of an art piece.
    You can read in my About to see what I’m doing, of log on the http://artnotes2016.wordpress.com
    A direct link to the Weekend Journal Page (not open till Friday noon!)
    . https://artworksfromjeshstg.wordpress.com/2017/12/08/weekend-journal-page-dec-8-2017/
    Hope to see you there:)

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    Fascinating! Oh yes, i love watching people too. I think it’s genetic, as i notice my kids do it too!

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  7. I also thought they were part of the exhibit in the first shot. Your photos of them are wonderful.


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  8. These are wonderful – nicely done.
    It was very kind of them to agree to play along while you took these shots 🙂

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  9. Laurie Graves

    I can understand why you were fascinated with them. They look so slim and elegant, as though they were part of the exhibit.

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  10. This is absolutely wonderful. Did you use your phone or a camera? Is a camera allowed inside the Tate?

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    • I used both phone and camera. I asked permission to take the photos which were allowed in this exhibition but not in the other Impressionist exhibition on at the same time.


  11. Lisa at Greenbow

    The very first picture made me think that they were part of the art. I too like to people watch.

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  12. They don’t look real. The first picture you posted looked like a sculpture.

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  13. When she appeared in your previuos photo I thought she was your sister.

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