Yoga with Aliens #sillysaturday

yoga pose, pebble art, aliens do yogaThis yoga is really quite good

Sometimes it’s been misunderstood

When feeling depressed

Or when life gets you stressed

It can help to lighten your mood

It can make you look and feel great

Helps you focus and concentrate

The different types of positions

Help some medical conditions

There’s even one for the prostate!

Those earthlings have got it all sussed

This yoga lark is a must

You don’t have to be wealthy

To keep yourself healthy

With a body strong and robust.

poem by Judy E. Martin

pebble picture  by Sandra Dorey


Feeling stressed in the build up to Christmas?

The Aliens are back with a bit of timely advice. They have had a rethink about yoga and are limbering up to get fit and ready for the excesses of the festive season.

Judy and I have joined forces again to bring you another pebble and shell Silly Saturday.

I hope you manage to fit in a bit of silliness this Saturday.

I will be taking Big Bro and Little Bro to watch their Dad, number one son, play hockey. I spent many years on the side lines watching first my brother and husband, then my children play various sports, so it will be a trip down memory lane – it is going to be verrrrrrrry cold though, so I’m not sure how long we will last. I’m taking drawing supplies in case we spend most of the time in the club house.




32 responses to “Yoga with Aliens #sillysaturday

  1. awakenyogatherapy

    Love this. This made our day!

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  2. I love this. I just wrote a post on playfulness. I love your bones.

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  3. So inspirational and Such an amazing Post and I love it.
    Btw there is a new post on my blog on – my 2018 yoga and fitness routine-

    Hope you will like it

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  4. What a great team you and Judy make!!

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Another great combination 🙂

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  6. Yoga. That’s on my list, and this is a good reminder!!

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  7. Laurie Graves

    Love those silly Saturdays! Stay warm!

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  8. Wrap up warm Daffy, it is freezing out today! 🙂

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  9. This was quite fun to read. The rhytmn and rhymes flowed so naturally, and I almost feel guilty for not doing yoga right now.

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  10. You and me both – I’m having trouble with my new mobile phone at the mo.


  11. I was thinking you could do some limbering up on the sidelines and the hockey teams could watch and learn how it’s done. I am charging around today, cooking goulash and apple crumble and cheering number three son on as he sorts through stuff to finally clear his teenager junk from a bedroom. Sad in some ways but it will be good to have some space.

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    • Good advice Cathy – Ha!Ha! That would be a sight – how to embarass son AND grandsons in one fell swoop!
      Hope the bedroom clearing goes well.
      Goulash – love that word! Haven’t made one for years – must have a go.

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  12. Good advice Cathy!
    Hope the bedroom clearing goes well.
    Goulash – love that word! Haven’t made one for years – must have a go.

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