Sophie’s Mandala

crochet mandala, Sophie by Dedri Uys

I can’t seem to get enough of these textured crochet patterns at the moment.

This one is Sophie’s Garden by Dedri Uys just before is becomes a square.

Styelcraft Special DK, 4.5mm hook.

All my W.I.P s are at a stage that need lots of thought and working out the next step, so I am pleased to crochet along to someone else’s pattern. Much more relaxing whilst I recharge my creative batteries.


13 responses to “Sophie’s Mandala

  1. Oh I do love these colours!

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  2. Love the colors you pick out…instant flowers!

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    They really are works of art and so bright and colourful too;-)

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  4. I love the combination of colours on this Daffy, it is so pretty 🙂

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  5. Glad you have something to work on that you enjoy. Agree with Cathy above – vibrant colour scheme!
    Hope you have a wonderful recharge time and send all best wishes for a glorious 2018.
    💝 🎉

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  6. Love the colours, this is so pretty.

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