Woodland WiP Wednesday

Attic24 Woodland Cal, random colour order

The Woodland CAL created by Lucy at Attic24 is growing on me!

Week 1.

I struggled to get the pattern to work at first – my own fault – it looked so simple I just steamed ahead. After masses of counting, re-counting and undoing (or frogging) The penny dropped = LOOK AT LUCY’s TUTORIAL!!!!

Lucy does the best photo tutorials I know – I trust her implicitly – and there was the answer. Check that every third stitch in the ‘valleys’ lines up with the third stitch in the corresponding row below – sorted! Now I can wander along and enjoy the Woodland Walk.

Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.5mm hook

I have substituted Mocha (beige) with Walnut (brown) and I’m following Lucy’s Random colour order with slight adjustments to accommodate the Walnut.

My colour order so far: Lime, Cypress, Meadow, Mustard, Tomato, Spice, Storm, Duck Egg, Copper, Walnut, Gold, Pistachio, Grey, Lincoln

4 more colours to go, for this week – we get the next 18 on Friday.

Taking a walk in the Woodland today is a sweet creature made by Little Miss M out of self-hardening clay and some sticks.self hardening clay, kids art, stick man

The biggest joy is that I have joined the Attic24 Moorland and More Group again. It started up during last year’s CAL and has continued since. It is a brilliantly friendly and supportive group. I revel in all the detailed yarny chit-chat and practical tips.

How are you getting on with your WiPs this Wednesday?


29 responses to “Woodland WiP Wednesday

  1. I love Attic24’s colours. But as I have a long-term hexagon blanket on the go, I vowed not to be drawn into the woodland blanket. But with photos like the one on your blog popping up in front of me, it is getting harder to resist.
    I’m interested in your change of colours too. I had to do that with the “spice” she used in on of the colour schemes because to me it jarred with the other colours.

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    • Hi M, I struggled with trying to resist this one as I already have far too many things on the go, but …… I just love the banter that goes on around Lucy’s CALs and there is something magical about joining thousands of women (and maybe men) all around the world working on the same creative project.
      This is the first project that I have adhered to Lucy’s colour selection so closely, just changing one colour – I am loving this palette.

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  2. ♥️♥️♥️ these colors are like a walk in the summer forest, perfect to brighten up this winter! I actually joined a KnitALong last week, it is only for a month. The first installment went well, we’ll see if my colors actually work since it is a mystery. I’ve never done a mystery anything, so this will be interesting. 😄 Jack Frosty has had quite a busy day already, hope he doesn’t sleep too close to Mr. Dragon, that might not end well. 😉

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love the pattern and colours

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    • Me too – Lucy is so good at putting it all together. These are not colours I have in any of the rooms in my house though, so I’m wondering where it will end up. I’m sure its eventual owner will become clear as I’m making it.

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  4. Those are lovely colours, Lucy’s patterns are so wonderful! Sarah x

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  5. This is very pretty and I like the wavy pattern. 🙂

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  6. Laurie Graves

    Except for my second book, no WiPs here, but I sure enjoy seeing yours, and I especially enjoy Little Miss M’s creature striking a pose against the yarn.

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  7. Looks great, I learnt how to crochet after seeing the Attic24 coast ripple, I agree her instructions are great, even for a complete novice! Must get that blanket finished…

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  8. No crochet for me at the moment, but I am knitting a jumper and a pair of very long socks (I’m on sock #2). I’m psyching myself up to getting back to the crochet sofa cover though – I’m just not very inspired by it right now (it’s a come-down after Sophie).

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    • I can imagine you need a distance from the Sophie before returning to a UFO. Could you incorporate any Sophie elements in your sofa cover to re-inspire?
      I ust get round to knitting some socks one day – you make such lovely ones – I don’t enjoy circular or double-pointed needles, but I feel an urge to get past that resisitance.


  9. Looking stunning m’dear . Enjoy your walk. Crcoheting is going great here, and today I shall go swimming!


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