Girls out Shopping

shell art, #sillysaturday, shell people, shell collage

Maggie went shopping in town

Enjoying a good look around

She thought it was great

Bumping into her mate

They went to a cafe to sit down


They chatted over a nice cup of sea

Both of them buzzing like bees

Comparing their goodies

From high-heels to hoodies

The Sales made shopping a breeze!


poem by Judy E. Martin

artwork by Sandra Dorey

The background is an unfinished acrylic painting on canvas that I have never been able to resolve. It is the result of playing with bright colours in a Process Art kind of way. It has come in handy for a Silly Saturday background giving a suggestion of the town where Maggie and Shelma can meet up for a chat over a cuppa.

So thrilled to be teaming up with Judy again.

Pop along over to Judy’s website and enjoy a wry look at life, in poetry and prose, always told with honesty and lashings of good humour.


19 responses to “Girls out Shopping

  1. Painting makes perfect background to bring idea to life.

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  2. Lovely ,this did make me smile! Sarah x

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    The details are amazing. The fact that one of the ladies even has earings! Fabulous as always.

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  4. A great Saturday collaboration ladies!

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  5. That colored background is fabulous. Perfect for the two jaunty shell women and their outing.

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  6. Those lovely ladies are looking good, Daffy. πŸ™‚

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  7. These always make me smile. This one even makes me feel warm thinking about being at the sea during summer.

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  8. Love those hair dos πŸ˜„

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