Silly Saturday with Shelma

shell art, shell people, winkle pickers

Shelma was going out on a date

So excited she just couldn’t wait

She was looking her best

In her January Sales dress

The evening was going to be great


Sandy lit Shelma’s fuse

She loved his winkle picker shoes

It brightened her mood

To be with such a cool dude

He banished her January blues!


They wanted to paint the town red

But painted the beach blue instead

A moonlit walk along the sand

Strolling together hand in hand

Anticipating what lay ahead.


poem by Judy E. Martin

shell art by Sandra Dorey



What lies ahead for this couple I wonder, any ideas?

Will it be calm seas or stormy waters?

Judy and I have enjoyed teaming up again this week. I do love her take on things, pop across to Judy’s Blog to read more of her delightfully beguiling work.

Did you know you CAN still buy Winkle-Picker shoes? I’ll be looking out for them now.

I recently found the pebbles that my grandchildren children had drawn on last Summer, lurking in the bottom of a bag. They had obviously been lying in wait, ready for an appearance in a ‘Silly Saturday’ or two.



29 responses to “Silly Saturday with Shelma

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  3. Love the winkle pickers

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  4. A fetching couple! I had never heard of Winkle-Picker Shoes. I clicked on the link. Let’s just say that you don’t see shoes like that in Maine. 😉

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Brilliantly creative as always ladies.

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  6. Shelma’s heels are pretty spiffy too!

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  7. I too love the movement in Shelma’s dress – and the poem! Winkle-pickers back in fashion? It’s been a while!! 😀 This is an enjoyable pairing – both the shellies and the artist and poet

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  8. True love is in the air, will they be valentines?

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  9. This is such a clever combination of your pictures and Judy’s words. 💜🤗

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  10. What a good-looking couple they are, Daffy! 🙂

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  11. Lisa at Greenbow

    I love Shelma’s dress.

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  12. Aw! Perfect!!!!

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