Photo Monthly Meet Up

On the first Tuesday of each month, let’s meet up with a link or links to current or archive photographs and/or blog posts on a theme. Enter as many photos and links as you like as long as they fit the one word subject. Obscure and creative thinking welcomed!

Our theme tomorrow is


to warm us up in one of the coldest months of the year in this Northern hemisphere

and here are the rest of the prompts for the year aheadphoto challenge prompts for 2018

The link below is to a PDF for you to download if you would like to.


Many thanks to Cathy, Karina and Valerie for suggesting some of themes

11 responses to “Photo Monthly Meet Up

  1. OMG – I saw your crochet’d squirrels on Attic24 site! They are to die for! I hope at some point you get them patterned out and share them! They are ADORABLE!

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    • Thank you Dawn, I am trying to get the pattern written down – thse squirrels are proving pesky littel devils – every time I write it down, they seem to demand a slight tweak – and then there is the Photo tutorial to do – crikey – what a lot of time that takes- for such a little thing! Kids on half term will most likely slow me u too – BUT – I will get there in the end! Promise!!!
      So glad you like them – if I’d known there would be so much interest I would have waited til I’d got the pattern done before posting – lovely that you are interested though – thank you!


  2. Aw. We missed this. Might join next month.

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  3. We had snow today! Just a sprinkling but brrr.
    My post is about recycling, I do get a warm feeling inside when I reuse or repair something, the photo though feels a bit cold, especially with a snippet of Elsa dress from the film Frozen, I’ll let you make your own minds up on that one…

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Oh we could definitely do with a bit of warm! Looking foward too seeing the entries over the next few months!

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  5. Not sure I have “warm” photographs but it does sound good with the present freezing weather and it isn’t as cold here as it probably is in other parts of the country.

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