heart candles

My family and I spent Half-Term in a wonderful holiday house in Devon.

ice decoration, Valentines

We combined Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day, another excuse to bring out the ice-bowl I’d made for Christmas – it survived the 1.5 hour car journey, from freezer to freezer, really well.

pancake with powdered beetroot heart

the rice was asking for some decoration but the central stenciled heart did not work, a sprinkled heart worked better

felt hearts

time away allows us all to get creative…

the card my daughter made for her husband

from ma head to ma toes

get it?!

Little Miss M did her version,Β don’t you just love the toes!

Valentines Cards

and inside

Valentines Card

and the card made by Dad and Little Miss M….. Β a love dart to the heart ….

Valentine's Dart

I do hope you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day, not always easy for anyone on their own.

I’m joining in with Postcard From Gibraltar’s Friday Photo Challenge – I know it’s not Friday, but I hope I can just squeak in.




38 responses to “Hearts

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  2. Trust you to inspire the whole family to get creative and come up with such gems! To-ma-toes, I ask you!

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  3. Looks like you had a lovely family time!

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  4. What lovely hearts – the best kind are always edible!!! I love the tomato card!!

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  5. What fun, and yes, I did get it. πŸ™‚

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  6. Your holiday sounds lovely! You sure found a lot of ways to incorporate hearts:)

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  7. Wonderful that the whole family could get away, and that you were able to enjoy crafting together. Precious times! Love that very top photo, with the heart candles encircling another candle! xx

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  8. As always, wonderful creativity. Also, a terrific reminder that Valentine’s Day can be broadened to includes all kinds of love. For example, I always send my children cards and chocolates. They are at the top of my list of those whom I love. When my mother was alive, I did the same for her

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  9. What a fun time you all had, Sandra!

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  10. Ah lovely cards and you were with lovely family! xx

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