Patterns and Pineapples

….. continuing the story of my Sunny Sunday with Noelle and Alison

After meandering through the gardens Noelle led the way into the buildings of the Bishop’s Palace …. we were wowed by the way the sunlight played with the stained glass windows in the chapelBishop's Palace Wells

light play


There was even a Stained Glass jigsaw jigsaw, stained glass

and more spectacular patterns in the wallpaper on the staircasegriffin, handprinted wallpaper


and then joy of joys – Pineapples!pineapple wallpaper

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows I have a bit of a thing for pineapples, you can see more here, here and here

Although the wallpaper in the photo looks grey it was, in reality, a rich blue

pineapple wallpaper

Seeing my delight in the pineapple pattern, Noelle hatched a plan …. and on her way home she popped into the shops to buy ……

a pineapple

Noelle then showed us this marvellous way of carving a pineapple to get rid of all the spiky brown bits AND to make the pinepapple look spectacular – a fabulous ‘Crafty Trick’ cutting a pineapple

just see how spendid it looks

pineapple presentation

Alison and I were in for a treat

A delicious lunch awaited us in the oh-so-cosy conservatory

homemade soup and foccacia

Home-made soup and foccacia. I felt thoroughly spoilt – it was a day to please all the senses.succulents

I can’t leave this post without showing a close up of Noelle’s knitted jumper – her knitting is superb and in such soft yarn and gentle coloursknit

It makes me want to get back to knitting again.

The warmth of the day stays with me – thank you so much Noelle for your wonderful hospitality.

Before posting I checked with Noelle that she was happy with my photos and she told me of more delights she has in store for you on her blogs:

Here is Noelle’s Pineapple Chutney


Pineapple Carving



24 responses to “Patterns and Pineapples

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  2. percetakanmurahdijakartaa

    The pineapple carving is beautiful as well as useful, thanks for sharing that

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  3. That pineapple carving is beautiful as well as useful – thanks for sharing that. And the sunlight through those stained glass windows looked magical!

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  4. Oh even more proof (although none needed!) of your lovely day, Sandra. For those less crafty with a pineapple, Lakeland and ProCook both sell a simple gadget for for preparing a pineapple, removing the skin and core and leaving the rest in a spiral – but not nearly as prettily as Noelle’s method!

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  5. Loving all the photographs. I must try the sideways slicing thing if I buy a pineapple some time. I always find the brown bits a problem.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Such a lovely day, and the light from those windows….mmmm!

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love stainglass windows. And that pineapple looks amazing!

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    • There is something very magical about stained glass isn’t there – imagine what it must have like in the 12th Century, when they did not have other distractions – wow!
      I’m going to try that way of carving a pineapple next time we have a family get together.

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  8. Laurie Graves

    When my daughter Shannon was in Hawaii, she ate so much fresh pineapple that she got a rash around her mouth because of the acidity. But she didn’t care one bit. She loves pineapple as much as you do. What a marvelous day you had. That stained glass was fabulous, and then lunch with your friend. Doesn’t get much better.

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  9. Noelle is the most generous person! Great pictures again here, we crammed a lot into a few hours didn’t we? I admired that jumper as well, it looks very cosy. x

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  10. I’ll make it again Sandra….and put your name on a couple of jars. Back in 2011 I made pineapple and coconut biscuits recipe on my blog…so pleased to share our love of pineapples with your friends.

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  11. Now you know i will doo both in due course!

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  12. Pineapple chutney. Oh My! I shall be there. Love the spirals. What a great day you had.

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