Jurassic Blanket

coastal colours, linen stitch

My Wednesday WIP.

It is now big enough to keep me cosy whilst I’m working on it, and I’m loving being with these colours in Stylecraft Special DK and Stylecraft Batik.

Linen stitch, or extended Moss Stitch is perfect for blending colours and it makes a really warm thick blanket.

There are sections that are inspired by specific places along our Jurassic Dorset coast, and then some random stripes in the coastal hues.

Still a way to go if it is going to be snuggly warm for my nephew who is edging towards 6’4″ tall. I love that even at 23 he is keen to have a blanket to curl up under.

You can see the blanket I made for his sister here.

33 responses to “Jurassic Blanket

  1. That looks like a very cozy treasure in the making. šŸ™‚

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  2. Such lovely colours and so beautifully made, clever you

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  3. It’s lovely, those colours are all just perfect together.

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  4. OOoh, that’s a very cool combination!

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    It looks so nice, great colour combinations

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  6. Absolutely gorgeous ā¤ā¤ā¤ I love the moorland pattern one too but because I hopped over there from this page it wouldn’t let me ‘like’ it. That keeps happening to me lately…???! šŸ˜†

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  7. Everyone needs a blanket!! ā¤ The colourways are particularly attractive too – your coastline must look stunning!

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  8. Stunning. I think I need one!

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  9. Laurie Graves

    Oh, so very lovely. And, yes, your tall nephew definitely needs a long blanket to curl up in.

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  10. I like the stitch you are using šŸ™‚
    I am in the process of making a blanket and I am using C2C. I like to use C2C because it’s {pretty much} solid. I don’t like the ones that have holes. My fingers and toes always went through them, when I was younger šŸ™‚ Lol

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  11. I like the idea that some parts are inspired by actual places along the Jurassic coast near you. Will be really special.

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  12. Beautiful colours! Your nephew is very lucky! As is your niece…I followed that link! What colour edging did you end up going with for her blanket?

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