Candy Swirl Giveaway

Have you tried any of the yarn ‘cakes’ that seem very popular at the moment?

I had to have a go and started with a Stylecraft Special Candy Swirl, colour: Fruit SaladStylecraft Special Candy Swirl, Fruit Salad

I especially like the ones I’ve seen where the colours gradually blend into each other, so I was a little disappointed that this one did not do that…..Sol by:

…… but I was absolutely amazed that it seemed to have been created perfectly for Zoya Matyushenko’s design ‘Sol’, with the colour changes occurring on or near each round change. I did not cut the yarn at all, this is exactly as it came out, with a little yarn to spare.

Zola's pattern and Candy Swirl

The yarn is 100% acrylic DK worked with a 4mm hook.

I loved making it but now that it is finished and blocked, I don’t really have a use for it.

It measures 17″ or 43cm across

It could be a large table mat, or attached to fabric to make an 18″ cushion cover – do you have any other ideas?

Would anyone like it?

I’m offering it to you lovely lot first – after a week I’ll put it in my Etsy shop at a nominal price.

The ‘cake’ cost £6.99 but I’m happy for it to go to a good home for free. I would love it to be used in some way.

You can go to my ‘Contact Me’ page and message me if you would like it.

I’m not expecting a rush, but if there is more than one person who would like it, I’ll put names in a hat and draw one out next Friday.


Over at Nanacathy’s place there’s much to have a good old yarny natter about


19 responses to “Candy Swirl Giveaway

  1. Yes, I have noticed the current popularity of these cakes, but haven’t a project in mind that would suit them. I do hope someone can give it a good home:)

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  2. You need to make about 50 more then square the circles and make an epic blanket for that tall son then I can have the nice blanket I was coveting
    Joking apart it is very pretty and a perfect pattern.

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    • HaHa! Makes me exhausted just thinking about making 50 of those!
      The Jurassic Blanket is coming on a treat – rather a lot of ends to sew in though, but as you say – a good job to do in the latter part of the evenings.


  3. Oh, I’m sure you’ll find a home for this! it’s pretty cool–I bet it was fun to work on, and watch the changes happen!

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    • Thank you Kerry. Yes that is definitely the appeal of these ‘cakes’ – waiting for the next colour to join in – I’ve just ordered some Scheepjes Whirl cakes – I tried to tell myself I needed to finish some more WIPs before getting any more yarn … but …. no self-control!!!!


  4. It’s really lovely but I have to admit I don’t have a use for it. Hope you find it a good home. it deserves to be appreciated!

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  5. Since I don’t knit regularly or crochet at all, I’ll pass. But those colors are candy-licious.

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  6. Wow! The colourchangss worked out super well – so lovely!

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  7. That is a lovely pattern and you made such a nice job of it with that very clever colour way working itself out so perfectly! Now I’m wondering if they work the colour changes deliberately on rounds…….. I haven’t tried any of those yarns – mostly because I prefer natural yarns – but I do like looking at the pretty colours 🙂

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    • It it quite amazing how they worked out isn’t it.
      My heart and eco mind says natural fibres too but I have had so much work ruined by moths, wear and tear by children and shrinkage in washing that I have turned to acrylic – if only wool and cotton could be ethically made not to be attractive to moths, that would be a start.

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  8. That’s fantastic – great effort

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