Mandala Monday

flower mandala

Happy Holiday Monday!

Joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her wonderfully heartwarming ‘In a Vase on Monday’. Pop over and visit her post and in the comments you can click on links to visit vases from gardens all over the world – and bathe in a flurry of flower petals.

I’m playing with primroses, hebe leaves and hyacinth pips to create a couple of mandalas

flower mandala

crochet and flower mandala

I’m caught up in a meditation of mandalas at the moment

overlay crochet, Lilla Bjorn design

This is a paid for pattern:  Illusion Mandala designed by Tatsiana of Lilla BjornCrochet.

It made my brain ache the first time I made it and it took me a week to make – but it is a fantastic pattern with very clear instructions and a photo tutorial.

So I started another

crochet mandala with primroses

and another

crochet overlay mandala

All made with Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.5mm hook

I do hope you are having a bright and happy weekend wherever you are

primrose, hebe, hyacinth

acrylic canvas primrose mandala crochet

Also joining Cee’s Flower of the Day.




43 responses to “Mandala Monday

  1. I should make more mandalas as they are great for keeping the interest, but I didn’t really have a use for them….until I saw your finished blanket for Little Miss M! No wonder you’re keen to make more – beautiful, all of them!

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  2. Love them all! Especially the flowery ones. 🙂 Those mandalas are great!

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  3. I love your floral mandalas. (Note to self: you’ve got to try that one day!) I’m also impressed by your crocheted creations. The Illusion Mandala is fabulous.

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    • Thank you Kris. Yes, do have a go at a mandala – they are fun to make, all you need is time!! Mine were going to be bigger but …… you know, life!
      The Illusion Mandala is an amazing pattern – I just had to have a go.


  4. Oh your creativity is marvelous. I just smiled as I scrolled down your post. 😀

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  5. Gorgeous mandalas. I can see how creating these would be a meditative, and sometimes brain-ache causing, process. Just looking at/contemplating them is a visual treat which causes me to slow down, study, breathe. Thank you for sharing!

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  6. Wow this is stunning….both the flower mandalas and crochet work. Really first rate and so creative how you mixed the 2.

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  7. Completely and utterly beautiful! I love them all!

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  8. I love your fresh flower mandala as well as your crochet pieces!

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  9. a most delightful and creative contribution, love it! happy Monday 🙂

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  10. Laurie Graves

    Wow, all beautiful! But my favorite is the first one.

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  11. They are all so beautiful!

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  12. You are really clever coming up with the mandalas…paticularly with the hebe with their colour and shape.

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    • Thank you Noelle, the Hebe is very pretty with its magenta and cream variegation. It was a gift from a neighbour and sits happily under my fig tree.
      Btw, the Red Dragon is sprouting new leaves and looks VERY happy! Thank you!! ❤


  13. Lovely and imaginative. Do you find the mandala helpful during meditation?

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    • Thank you Susie. I find making mandalas a meditation in itself, whether crochet or with natural materials. It slows me right down and I zone out to everything else – gives my scrambled brain some rest from the day to day whizziness of it all. 🙂

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  14. These mandalas are so pretty, Daffy, both the crochet ones and the florals too. I am finally trying to teach myself to crochet. Thank God for You Tube and left-handed crocheters! 🙂

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  15. Beautiful mandalas, both floral and crocheted. I love your paid for pattern, it is quite stunning and I imagine it could be quite addictive – with so many colour ways it could be worked up 🙂 I’ve just started work on the Persian Tiles blanket and the individual pieces are rather mandalish – but not quite. I’ve noticed that as soon as I ‘get’ the individual patterns it becomes exciting to do and so much fun to watch taking shape!

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    • Thank you Pauline. Oooo you’ve started the Persian Tiles! how exciting!! It is such a beautiful pattern, I’ll look forward to seeing your progress – and yes these mandala patterns are addictive! I think most crochet is because, as you say, we just want to see what the next bit looks like don’t we – now back to the hook!


  16. A wonderful collection of Mandalas. I can see why the crochet mandala might make your brain ache, it looks very tricky! I especially like the red and blue one with the primrose in the middle.

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