Wednesday in the Sahara

Marathons des Sables

Photo courtesy of the amazing Marathon des Sables photograhic team, more spectacular photos here

My son will run 86.2km today and into the night

See the whole of his team here..

They are collectively hoping to raise £104k for Macmillan Cancer Support Nurses, and have raised over £90k so far.

They have all completed three gruelling runs of over 30 km each, been blown to bits by a 2 hour hurricane during the night, scaled mountains, skidded down sand dunes – the adventure of a lifetime. Marathon des Sables

I shall be glued to the GPS tracking and live updates on the website, and the outstanding photographic coverage – and crocheting like mad!!!

Ralph at the finish on Day 2 after 7hours 13minutes and 54 seconds covering 39km

Ralph Dorey, Marathon des Sables 2018

Looking amazingly good!

24 responses to “Wednesday in the Sahara

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  2. Your son looks so well and happy! 🙂

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  3. Laurie Graves

    Holy cats, what an achievement! Great picture of your son.

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    • Ha!Ha! Yes!!!!
      He just phoned me from the Sahara!!!! Yikes! So exciting – he’s so elated he completed 53 miles yesterday getting in at 4 in the morning – I was following him all the way on GPS!

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      • Laurie Graves

        My, goodness! What an accomplishment!

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        • Yes! And he has just finished another 42.2Km today – only 7.7km tomorrow and he’ll be on his way home! Can’t wait to see him!

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          • Laurie Graves

            I bet. Were you a little, teensy-weensy bit worried? I know I would have been if he were my son, but I would have been cheering him on, just as you were.

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            • When he first mentioned what he was going to do the whole family was very worried, he’ll be 40 in September, his Dad died of a heart attack aged 52. But Ralph has trained conscientiously, done masses of research and had health checks all the way, as time went on I felt more and more confident that he would be ok. Then once I started to see the amazing footage in the Sahara and that he was always with so many other poeple and excellent ground support I was happier. Also I could track him all the way on GPS and see his happiness at the end of each race with live coverage. I was nervous and a bit worried, but I’m so glad he has done what he set out to do. An inspiration of courage, determination and the power of the human body, mind and spirit to do extraordinary things. Thank you for your thoughtfulness Laurie. ❤

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  4. What an achievement already. You must be so proud of your son. Amazing.

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  5. Very well done to your son & team!
    I also crochet like made during at times. Must have a quarter zillion mug mats crocheted whilst trying not to watch national news…

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  6. Wow – v v well done to your son and all the team. What an amazing thing to do

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  7. Hurrah for Ralph and his team. He does look great after that first run, obviously well trained mentally and physically. You are a proud mom!

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  8. Yes, totally awesome! What a challenge.

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  9. Lisa at Greenbow

    Amazing! I can’t imagine how the body can endure. Well done.

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    • I too am amazed Lisa – he did spend many months training and preparing both physically and mentally and did masses of research – but it is inspiring to know what the human mind and body can achieve given the right conditions isn’t it!


  10. Amazingly good. Well done your son.

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