WiP Wednesday

crochet coastal colours

I have been away for a few days and needed a small easy project to take with me, so I made a start on the Coastal Cosy.

Pattern by Lucy of Attic 24 

Thank you for all your helpful input on the colours. As you can see the Pink (Soft Peach went in). I have no idea why I wanted to start with the sky bit, but there we go, I did.

Then on to the sea – but it is looking a bit dark and stormy so I will add in Aster next to cheer it up.

I’m waiting for a yarn delivery and I’m excited to see if Blush will be added to my next ‘sky’ section.

15 responses to “WiP Wednesday

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  2. It works so well! Great job, this is going to be beautiful.

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love the colour combinations, the pink has worked well

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  4. It’s looking lovely!

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  5. Ah, so is it sky, sea, sky sea then? Looks lovely so far.

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  6. It looks so soft and inviting! I love seeing these random stripes of colour appearing and watching how the throw changes…….

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  7. Looking lovely and beautiful colours ❤

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