My Wednesday Wip this week is one of Helen Shrimpton’s paid for Patterns – Rosslyn

Rosslyn, Helen Shrimpton

Photo taken with my iPhone, it looks a bit harsh as if made of cotton, but it is in Stylecraft Special DK, made with a 4.5mm hook.

8 Colours chosen from the centre:

Buttermilk, Soft Peach, Pale Rose, Duck Egg, Cream, Lincoln, Raspberry …….. Storm.

This is a wonderful pattern to work with. A pattern I will be happy to make twice as I am making one for Twig and one for Twiglet, my 5 year old twin Granddaughters.Rosslyn by Helen Shrimpton

I’m loving the way the characters of each of my 8 grandchildren are reflected in the colours and patterns of their blankets. I have already made 4.

The first was Miss E’s daisies . To see the finished blanket go to the Throws Page and scroll down through links to other blankets and throws I have made.

I am joining Ginny in her magnificent YARN ALONG – she asks us to share a book we are reading and this is mine


Novels take up too much crafting time for me but I have been bingeing on watching Outlander on DVD whilst crocheting

I loved the books by Diana Gabaldon in the days when I did read fiction,  now I’m enjoying the emotional rollercoaster of the DVDs.

There is a mass of Outlander knitting pattern sites on Etsy .

Happy Yarning!




26 responses to “Rosslyn

  1. Lovely Rosslyn, I, too, enjoy the challenge of her patterns,

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  2. I thought I was the only one who thinks that reading novels takes away from precious (and preferred) crafting time! I’m enjoying seeing these blankets grow so please don’t be sidetracked by any tempting-sounding novel:)

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  3. I think your crochet is amazing.

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  4. Roslyn is GORGEOUS! The colors are so subtle and pretty. Your book just cracks me up!

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  5. They are beautiful, and I love your colour choices. Are there any more colours that you intend to use?

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  6. Laurie Graves

    Lovely, lovely! And eight grandchildren must keep things lively.

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  7. Both of them are lovely (not sure what they are exactly). You do seem fond and very good at working up these circular embossed designs. The colours always go so well.

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  8. This is very pretty indeed, and I love the look of the book! Can’t wait to see the red torso!

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    • HaHa! Yes, Stylecraft Special does not have a flesh tone in its range – so I might have to go for all-over lobster (Pomegranate)! The book is good, they obviously had a huge amount of fun writing it. It has a man pattern and a woman pattern and out of those you can make all the adult characters – then there are lots of patterns for accessories – even one for a garden gnome!!

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  9. They’re stunning! Your granddaughters will be thrilled!

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow


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  11. That is one beautiful pattern! And your colour choices are superb too. I’m almost tempted…… I followed the link and ended up down the rabbit hole of Ravelry 🙂 It was interesting to me to see the designer began this pattern when staying in my neck of the woods (only spelt ‘Roslyn’ with one ‘s’) Luckily I have two blanket wips to keep me occupied at the moment so no decisions need to be made immediately 🙂

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    • It really is a gorgeous pattern Pauline, nice to have it in mind for the future. And fun that the idea for it was born in New Zealand. I’m looking forward to seeing how your WIPs progress. 🙂


  12. These are GORGEOUS! Wow!

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