Cosmic 4


Sheepjes whirlI am thoroughly enjoying following Helen Shrimpton’s Cosmic Crochet Along (Cal). She really is an outstanding designer with plenty of challenges to keep you on your crocheting-toes.

Following  Part Two came the excitement of Part 3 in which we would be learning a new stitch – Star Stitch!star stitch


But first there were a few more rows to square up the hexagon……

The rows of doubles and trebles (US) in this 4ply cotton yarn were getting to look a bit like a string vest in the corners so I decided to add a bit of texture in the form of popcorns and bead stitches.

To keep in with the Cosmic theme, I’m calling them Sputniks

cosmic corners

The yellow for the two rows of Star Stitch came from the beginning of my second ball (yarn cake) of Rosewater Cocktail.

I continued with the first cake, which was now moving into the pink mixed with turquoise.

The photo below shows Parts 3 and 4 completedcosmic cal

I was thrilled that the first Whirl just made it to the end of Part 4.

The tail of yarn you can see was all that was left!

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21 responses to “Cosmic 4

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  5. It’s so nice and bright and cheerful!

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  6. My gosh , cosmic indeed. I love the colours and the patterns look amazing and HARD. Love it.

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  7. Sputniks! Love it, and all the gorgeous colorful stitching happening here!

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow. Love the sputniks!

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  9. Your sputniks have added a special bit of texture in the corners 🙂 It really is beautiful!

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  10. It’s certainly coming along nicely. What will it be? Another bedcover? Not sure why this post shows less that an earlier one. Are you making two?

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    • It will be a bedcover in my spare room where I have your lovely Celtic Coasters for guests to enjoy and marvel at!
      This post shows less than the previous one because I flit hither and thither and am ahead of the blogging with my making.
      i’m not very linear or logical – hope it doesn’t drive you crazy!!!!!

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  11. Laurie Graves

    Cosmic is right! And groovy, too. 😉

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