In a Vase on Monday

It’s Summer! No more fires, so I can cover the top of the woodburner with a few crazy objectsfunky art

From left to right

Back Row

Pink Watering Can

A few years back, after helping put together 3 weddings and numerous Christenings, it was about to be my 60th birthday – I was planning a big event for ME! The theme was to be English Country Garden, I bought tiny colourful plastic  flower pots in which I was going to serve chocolate mouse (earth) with pop cakes flowers in them, I bought a garden arch through which guests would enter the village hall, I intended to cover it with crocheted flowers, The drinks were going to be poured from brightly coloured watering cans …………..


Then my son and daughter-in-law annouced the impending arrival of twins – guess when they were due ON MY BIRTHDAY!

All plans for a big party were (happily) dropped – but I still have the watering cans!

And my children gave me a wonderful surprise birthday party in September on our family holiday. So all was very well!!!!

The can holds Jodie’s Forever Flowers and astrantia.

Orange Giraffe

I know you have seen the Giraffe before (from Chive), I hope you don’t mind her making another appearance. I’m very fond of her and her headgear today is a white perenial foxglove called Snowy Mountain.

I bought the seeds at Chelsea Flower Show.

I grew 6 for myself and gave some to friends – they were beautiful in the first year – last year, gorgeous I was thrilled with them. All but one has died, the one I have left is pathetic, it has this one flower spike. Oh dear!

Painting by Kaneda Hanaki

I saw this painting when I was in Japan. When I got home, I contacted the gallery to see if it was still available and it was! I love its quirkiness.

Front Row

Self-Hardening Clay objects:

Hedgehog with bead eyes: Made by Little Miss M

Pineapple 1 made by Little Bro

Pineapple 2 made by Bog Bro

Crocodile made by Miss E


Made by Devon ceramicist Ross Emerson



Joining the Garden Party at In a Vase on Monday.




31 responses to “In a Vase on Monday

  1. and did the twins arrive on your birthday?

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  2. What a fun display. I want to try growing astrantia. Like you I bought some foxglove seeds from the Chelsea flower show this year and mean to sow them soon for flowers next summer!

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  3. Now that’s the way to treat the top of a wood burner in the summer time! What a fabulous, fun and colourful collection – and so lovely to hear all the stories too!

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  4. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love all the bright colours

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  5. What a cheerful scene with all that colour and the little figures, and the watering can with the delightful story attached! 🙂

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  6. That display must make you smile every time you pass it – such a collection of memories, all in one place!

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  7. A colourful collection of interesting things. I hope you don’t need fires again for a while but we always have a day in July or August when it is so damp and cold we light it!

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  8. What fun you have playing with these disparate objects and I loved to hear all those stories about them – one of the joys of blogging! I have one VERY tall perennial white wallflower from the seed you sent me – about 4 feet tall (well, at least 3 feet!) and just like a stick with a tuft of leaves at the top…!!

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  9. What cheerful and delightful fun. 😀

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  10. I love your collection of “crazy objects.” Everything is so bright and colorful, perfect for this time of year. Thanks also for sharing links to the artists’ pages!

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  11. Oh I love whimsical, fun things like these….a wonderful display!


  12. Fun and fabulous just like you!

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  13. I like a random and colourful selection of objects – wow!

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  14. Lots of fun objects this week. 🙂 Your grandchildren look like they are good with clay!

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